Internet of Things

Internet of Things

We are an active contributor to the world of IOT, helping you and your customers stay smartly interconnected and networked through a variety of embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and networks. Whether you are looking for that smart home, smart wearable, smart city, smart enterprise or intelligent transportation, you are looking at the people who can help you with that. If you are a retail/fashion enterprise, we could help you create a system that captures specific buying patterns by tracking their mobile phones! If you are an energy management company, we could help you create a system that will intelligently co-ordinate the energy consumption in your customers’ homes with the power supply device/company.

Whether you need an IOT application in media, environmental monitoring, infrastructure management, manufacturing, energy management, medical and healthcare, building and home automation, transportation, metropolitan scale deployments, consumer application, architecture, etc. you should be talking to us.

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