Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications

We build Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that fast, engaging, interactive and visually compelling. Our RIA solutions have been deployed across desktops and browsers in the form of including videos, word processors, online games and mobile applications, providing a great customer experience. They redefine traditional technological boundaries, improving user satisfaction and productivity. We are adept at the use of technologies like Flex, AJAX , Flash ActionScript, Adobe AIR and Microsoft Silverlight to deliver custom applications.

Our working modality ensures:

  • Leveraging the existing infrastructure
  • Special focus on custom components creation
  • Creating a visually engaging and interactive experience that matches the customers rising expectations
  • Increasing customer retention and returns
  • Choice of online and offline applications
  • Promote brand recognition and loyalty

Our proud creations include a project management software using Flex, a custom shopping cart solution using, AJAX, a virtual optician Tool using Flash and a cross platform, Mobile Applications using Adobe AIR for an employee scheduling software.

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