10+ Unique On-Demand Mobile App Ideas to Implement in 2019

Nobody in their wildest dream ever thought that a simple ride-sharing on-demand mobile app idea would make a $70 billion company today. Yes, we’re talking about Uber. Ever since on-demand mobile apps came into the market, they have become an instant success. Not only on-demand mobile app giants like Uber, Zomato, & Foodpanda nail the convenience factor & make people’s lives much easier, they generate billions and billions of dollars in profits every year as well.

Despite the presence of a plethora of on-demand mobile app service providers that have made their mark in their respective domain, there is still a HUGE scope for expansion and innovation in the on-demand mobile app market, no wonder thousands of hungry entrepreneurs venture into this super-profitable market every year to contribute to the industry.

With a current market valuation of $57 billion, the mobile app economy looks like its unstoppable. Economists predict that the global mobile app economy is expected to reach $6.3 trillion by 2021, which provides unlimited opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to carve a bite out of this lucrative space.

Now that we are done with the talks, it’s time to get into the real business, “the ideas”. Our dedicated team of mobile app developers and market researchers undertook extensive research for over a week about the futuristic on-demand app ideas and came up with an amazing list of unique on-demand mobile app ideas to implement in 2019.

        Let’s dive right into the list of 12 unique On-Demand mobile app ideas!


1. On-Demand Mobile App for Ride-Sharing

Online ride-sharing giants like Uber and Lyft have completely transformed the modern-day commuting scene. They have made the process of commuting from point A to point B much easier than before.

Having a pool of opportunities and growth potential, it’s always a great idea to venture into online ride-sharing market. You can set up a ride-sharing app like Uber in no-time and initiate your operation from your respective location. Besides basic development, factors like marketing, unique features, and seamless user experience are also very critical and play a vital role in the success of the ride-sharing business.


2. On-Demand Mobile App for Instant Messaging

In 2014, social media giantFacebook bought WhatsApp – an instant messaging app – for 19 billion dollars. At some point in time, WhatsApp had more users than Facebook itself which says something about instant messaging.

While instant messaging giants such as WhatsApp and WeChat dominate the global IM market, there is still a huge scope for user experience and innovation in the instant messaging market. You can set up a fully-encrypted on-demand mobile app like WhatsApp that doesn’t track your messages and only sender & receiver can access their private messages and video/audio calls.


3. On-Demand Mobile App for Grocery

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer stocking up their Refrigerator and kitchen at the comfort of their house rather than going to nearby stores for ordering groceries. The new-age online grocery ordering and delivery services have completely changed the way people buy groceries.

While the on-demand mobile app idea for grocery shopping strikes the right chord, which is the convenience, with its target audience, it won’t require a rocket scientist to understand the market potential for this type of concept. The market for online grocery shopping is certainly going to be ultra-huge in upcoming years.


4. On-Demand Mobile App for Health and Fitness

Who doesn’t care about health and fitness? We all do. At present time, people have become more and more focused on maintaining their inner health and outer physique, which gives birth to tens of thousands of gymnasiums, online fitness portals, and yoga studios across the world every year.

With the on-demand mobile app for health & fitness services, users can easily find any fitness-health center near them and connect with the top fitness instructors online to achieve their fitness goals. This is among the best on-demand mobile app ideas to implement in 2019.


5. On-Demand Mobile App for Laundry

The idea of cleaning and laundry can make anyone sick unless you are a cleaning freak who loves to clean super-dirty clothes. The majority of people aren’t. Nowadays, people have turned their back to washing machines and hand over their untidy clothes to online laundry service providers that take care of boring laundry chores for them.

The demand for online laundry services is reaching the sky and there are hardly any established players in this market today. The global online laundry market is thriving and is accepting aspiring entrepreneurs with open arms to help people with their laundry chores.

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6. On-Demand Mobile App for Doctors/Health Experts

The on-demand mobile app idea for doctors/health experts has already been a massive success. The fact that the mobile apps for doctors/health experts help in connecting patients & doctors in a few clicks makes them highly popular among the general population.

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This growing market hasn’t been dominated yet which adds to the ease of entering this industry. Unless and until big health brands take notice of this thriving market and come into action to take a larger pie; the opportunity to make it big in this market is immense.


7. On-Demand Mobile App for House Cleaning Services

The innovative idea of connecting users with top house cleaning service providers online doesn’t just sound pretty distinctive, it has actually turned into a multi-million dollar industry. According to a cleaning services market analysis report, the cleaning services market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% to reach $74,299 million by 2022, which makes it a high potential market to churn out the big profits.

This is one of the unique growing markets which hasn’t been dominated by any bigwig yet that makes it pretty easy for aspiring entrepreneurs to enter the market.


8. On-Demand Mobile App for Massage Services

Recently, online massage services have witnessed a huge demand among the general population. There are thousands of massage service providers across the globe that could use an online platform to connect with their potential clients. The scope and expansion opportunities look impressive for this industry.

There are a plethora of small players that are helping people in their vicinity connect with top online massage service providers & minting huge commissions in the process.


9. On-Demand Mobile App for Logistics

The fact that Uber has recently ventured into online logistics market makes entrepreneurs looking to get into online logistics a little ecstatic as well as low-spirited. Having understood the profitability and scalability, the billion-dollar brand has introduced online logistics into their vast portfolio to serve the world better as well as to make serious profits.

Unlike traditional courier services, the on-demand logistic services can help banish the monotonous process of unorganized goods management and tracking. Furthermore, much-needed features like real-time location and delivery map can also be added to make the logistic on-demand app more convenient.


10. On-Demand Mobile App for Beauty Services

What would you prefer when you’re in a hurry to get dolled up for a special occasion, standing in line for your turn at a local makeup saloon or simply booking top local makeup artists on an app to come over at the convenience of your home?  The online beauty services focus on delivering fast and unconstrained beauty solutions to users.

Still, in a nascent stage, the global online beauty services market has a huge scope of growth since nowadays the internet has made everything accessible at a click of a button & people have also become heavily concerned about their physical appearance.

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11. On-Demand Mobile App for Pest Control Services

Since the on-demand apps for pest control services came into action, they made the tedious process super easy for people around the world. With the help of an on-demand pest control app, users can easily book and schedule the dates with reputed pest control services near them.

The on-demand pest control service is a niche market that is still untouched and has a lot of growth opportunities in the future. Hundreds of vision-driven entrepreneurs around the world have already started making moves to get into this unique industry.


12. On-Demand Mobile App for Tutors

The online global education industry is growing like there is no end. The fact that online education startups like Udemy and Udacity have secured multi-millions of dollars in funding by visionary venture capitalists makes the market highly lucrative to enter. With this, the online education market has given birth to a niche online tuition service industry, which has a huge room for dedicated startups to enter.

On-demand mobile apps for tutors can provide flexible learning opportunities for students which is not the case in the present tuition scenario. An on-demand tutoring app can help students connect with an expert in the easiest way possible. While the market provides a huge monetary value to the entrepreneurs, it also gives inner pleasure for shaping the future for the youth of the country.

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