7 Rock Solid Reasons to Choose Java for Web Development

Developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995, Java has emerged as the foundation for most networked applications today and is deemed to be highly useful for enterprise software, web scripting, games, and mobile applications. Being used by big enterprises like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, Java is considered as one of the strongest players for enterprise and maintainable web development.

For a better understanding of the benefits of using Java for building web applications, our team of super-developers spent a few precious hours crafting this highly informational post that shares the numerous advantages of choosing Java for web application development.

Let’s get into the pool of reasons why you should choose Java for web development.


An Object-Oriented Programming Language

The major reason for Java’s popularity is that it is an Object-Oriented Programming Language. An OOP application is much easier to manage and code and keeps the system flexible, modular, and extensible. Objects created in Java can be reused across an application. Furthermore, the reusability of software also lowers the cost of the development.


Highly Secure

Java has certain built-in security features such as cryptography, advanced authentication, and access control that have largely contributed to the rampant growth of Java development services. Using these features, a developer can make use of its comprehensive API including digital signatures, ciphers, secure login mechanisms, creating a custom security policy, etc.



Java is highly-scalable. Scalability is the trait where a software solution can handle increased loads of work. This can be larger data-sets, higher request rates, etc. Java is a programming language that adapts to the needs of the web application and provides the developer the ability to scale itself both horizontally and vertically, depending on the requirement. It simply means that each time you decide to improve the response time and the performance of your web application, less invasive coding will be required.



Java provides the capability to write once and then use/reuse the code anywhere. This is the most important feature of Java which makes it portable and can be used in multi-platform with ease.

Thus, business owners no longer need to worry about changing hardware or operating systems and then face the hassle and cost of rectifying the incompatibility of existing software. This is a great benefit of Java programming over programming languages that are platform-based.


7 Rock-Solid Reasons to Choose Java for Web Development





Java applications can manage multiple users at the same time with the help of its multi-threading capability. So, instead of having to execute multiple copies of the software on the same hardware, Java helps to create as many threads within a single copy of the software.

A multi-threaded environment also provides a user fast response time, fewer glitches, multiple operations, concurrent access, and better performance


Rich API

One more reason for Java programming language’s huge success is its rich API. Java provides API for I/O, networking, utilities, XML parsing, database connection, and almost everything. Whatever is left, is covered by open source libraries like Apache Commons, Google Guava, Jackson, Apache POI, and others.


Amazing Community Support

The biggest strength of Java programming language is the wonderful community support. The community supports, helps and shares their knowledge

Java has been very lucky, it has lots of active forums, Stack Overflow, open-source organizations, and several Java user groups to help in everything.

There is the community to help beginners, advanced, and even expert Java programmers. Java actually promotes the habit of taking and giving back to the community. Lots of programmers, who use open source, contribute as a committer, tester, etc.



It’s been more than 20 years since its inception and Java still continues to deliver significant value to the world of software development. Additionally, Java’s latest iterations offer highly useful features such as a scalable and flexible platform for the IoT (Internet of Things), boilerplate code, new date and time library and API, refreshed graphics toolkit, integration with JavaScript, and a lot.


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