7 Ways to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Content

No matter what your business deals with – you have to have an online presence these days. It is hard to imagine any modern company or brand without at least a website or social media available. The Internet has brought numerous opportunities to transform the ways firms conduct their affairs and has opened new markets and worldwide agendas. With great prospects came great responsibilities, specifically concerning marketing campaigns and surviving among the over-cluttered vasts of the web. New approaches and creative ways to strive have to be put in place. That is exactly the moment where digital marketing becomes everyone’s best friend and the tool for future prosperity. It is vital to get your game on, otherwise, you might lose customers, and thus – income.

So today we are going to deconstruct one of such strategies, focusing on email content marketing and showing how you can boost your techniques to succeed in this highly competitive virtual marketplace. Let’s see how this can be achieved with effortless elegance and a pitch of digital smartness.


1. Do your research

All great things take time and work. So before getting to the actual alterations of your letters, study a bit more. Get to know what kind of email content proves valuable and engaging for audiences and check out unorthodox ways to present information. Focus on your field of business and check as many campaigns as possible. Even though it might be tempting to cut it straight to a point and just create something short and informational, do not give in to temptation. The statistic shows that subscriptions are bringing a very great deal of revenue and audiences, so it is better to be good. And by the way – shorter does not mean better. Email ethics rather differs from social media posts, for instance. It is essential to have an educating, yet, catchy and comprehensive content to attract people to your business and build ever-desirable brand awareness.


2. Make it right

Just to be clear – your content has to be impeccable. Meaning you cannot afford typos or weird formatting. Use all kinds of available tools to make the information you mail as readable as possible. We suggest checking Grammarly, Typely, plagiarism checker essay on time, and other similar spell checkers. Do not go for over-complexity, even if your topics are quite technical or difficult. It is always nice to be able to explain even the most complex things with simple terms.


3. Compelling text and visuals

People get tons of emails every day. There is spam, letters from family and friendly co-workers, work-related emails, advertisements, and all sorts of other things. So your content should be quite captivating to catch the attention of the potential loyal customer. One way to achieve this effect is to create an appealing design for your letter. Here are some ways to make it more aesthetically pleasing and engaging:

  • Check out some email templates. Thankfully, the Internet offers numerous websites that can assist you with this task. Use them wisely, because of the fact that they are standard means that not only you will use them.
  • Construct your own catchy templates. It is important to get a consistent and smooth aesthetic feeling. So if you have decided to go minimal with neutral colors – do not opt for the crazy burst of colors in the next one. Consistency is a key here and will help you in creating a brand’s distinctive design that will be easily recognized and assist in increased visibility of the company.
  • The layout is important. It is not only about what is written, but also how it looks like. Make sure your text will be readable on all kinds of devices and OS. Be aware of mobile resolution differences and pay attention to such simple, but important details as font size. No one wants a text that they cannot read.
  • Get a font. Speaking of fonts – it is a great way to add a little something to your email marketing content and help to build a unique and recognizable style.
  • Use colors. Or don’t. Whatever you do – do it wisely. If you decided to go for bright colors as an attention-grabbing factor – try studying coloring techniques and theories. Complimentary colors are always a good idea by the way.
  • Use info-graphics, bars, pies, and any kind of media that will help you arrange data in a more consumable way.
  • Emphasis on CTA. Make sure your readers will get and see the message of call-to-action. It has to be visible and intuitive meaning your customers will know what to do with it. Use buttons, colors, spacing, hyperlink, positioning – any means necessary are great. We also suggest repeating your CTA in the postscript.

Now let’s go to the actual wordy part of your letter. It has to be many things but one – boring. Because even if you managed to capture someone’s attention by superb visuals and designs – it will all go in vain if your text is bland and tedious. Here is what you can do to avoid this dreadful outcome:

  • Use clear language to inform what do you want the recipient of the email to do. Whether it is a sale, a new service, an updated version of your website, or a promo campaign – it has to be obvious. Tone down on the mysteries, unless it is Halloween. And even then – be very careful with it.
  • Do not spread out and try to convey too many messages. Focus is key. If your text is not focused and is all over the place – do not expect your customers to make an extra effort and try and piece it together. It has to be very much well-put in order to earn their devoted attention.
  • Play the “missing out” card. The sense of urgency is a good way to fuel your sales. Creating a promo or an offer for a limited period of time is a smart idea. However, it should be a truly unique opportunity, and “resetting the clock” too many times on your promotion might just weaken the desired effect.
  • Do not forget that storytelling is still a very powerful tool in the task of attracting a target audience. Everyone loves a good story, so your goal is to make it very good.
  • Be honest and emotional. Do not over sensationalize your message – no one likes to have their expectations downplayed. Another nice method to become a focus of someone’s day – add a bit of emotion into a mixture. Balance is key, so do not go overboard. But having a rather emotional message instead of solely informational can be quite effective.


4. Subject lines are your gates to success

One of the ways to get noticed and actually read – make a good subject line so people will actively open your letter, curious as to what is inside. The enticing subject is often short, straight to the point, and relevant to the content of the email. You can make it into a question or a helpful “how-to” title. There has been an increase in putting an emoji into a subject line. It is a nice touch from time to time, but try not to rely on it too much and avoid looking to sketchy and triggering. Think of what kind of title would convince you to open an incoming letter? Be honest.


5.Interactive content is our friend

As human beings, we all share a very strong desire to be entertained and to have fun. We are naturally curious and implementation of various polls, tests and questionnaires can cleverly use this common trait. It goes without saying that the topic of these inputs has to match your content and business vector. It can be playful or educating, it can also stir your customer towards the purchase. Make it interesting and visual so the person in front of the screen will not be able to resist participating.


6. Provide useful content rooted in well-researched data

Nothing will ever replace the source of handy news and guidelines. So, if you want to create a truly irreplaceable material – go for usefulness and actually base your post on the legitimate sources, research, or poll. Educational guides can also boost your exposure and subscribers. A little advice here and there, a proven tip, a life-hack – we all need a little guidance at times. If it goes hand in hand with an awesome offer on the side – that is even better and harder to resist after all.


7. Personalize your offers

It is an established fact that personalized emails gain more traction. Craft email to appeal to the individual – and you are up for success or at least for a devoted follower of your brand. You can start by using the recipient’s name at the beginning of your email, adopting the details according to the location, making a prediction based on the previous deals, generating content based on gender, or exhibited interests. It is a nice strategy to make your subscriber feel special and cherished and build a more personal relationship that, of course, will affect engagement and sales.

At first glance, it might seem rather uneventful and easy to follow a list of tips. However, these simple rules will get you quite far in updating your email subscribers’ engagement. It is an important stepping stone towards making a sale or creating a loyal fanbase of your brand’s followers. It also works oppositely – no one wants to get boring monotonous letters, so it can actually spoil the exciting reputation you are trying to build for your company. So it is extremely important to get it just right – not overdone, and not underperform. The best way to strike the right balance is to follow your heart and our advice and make sure your customers are happy and entertained.



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