8 Important SEO Trends in 2020

8 Important SEO Trends in 2020

In today’s highly competitive global market where each organization (whether small or big) owns a website, marketers are constantly under pressure in improving or maintaining the ranking of their business websites. They choose from different SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies and incorporate it to top the SEO ranking. Do you know which SEO trend will help you get a high SEO ranking, or what are the latest SEO strategies that you must keep an eye on in 2020? Let’s check out the eight trending SEO strategies that will help you earn your website a significant share of organic traffic from Google.

Trend #1: High-Quality Content

high quality content seo trends 2020

Content quality of a website is the most important factor that determines the SEO ranking. It can not only attract more customers but also put off and distract potential customers. Original and precise content helps in attracting more users, whereas poor content can drive away potential customers. If your website has accurate and relevant content, the SEO ranking will get higher. In addition to this, the content must be comprehensive, well-structured, and easy to navigate for the users. The content must comprise the text along with elements like infographics to effectively convey any important information. Website pages must include backlinks and other advertisements for increasing traffic on your page and thereby increasing the SEO ranking.

Trend #2: Voice Search

voice search seo trends 2020

Voice search was already listed in SEO trends 2019. With the increase in the usage of virtual assistants (such as Amazon Echo and Google home devices), voice search is also increasing. This is why voice search is again listed in SEO trends 2020. Voice search is different from a text search as it is more conversational. Your website must target long-tail keywords to upgrade SEO ranking as search queries are longer. Apart from this, your website content must cater to the voice search. While targeting voice search, keywords must be replaced with phrases so that google can work easily and the user can also find the search result easily.

Trend #3: Video

Video is a significant part of SEO strategy as well as digital marketing. Digital Marketing Experts believe that a website containing a video is more likely to display on the first page of SERP than a web page containing plain text. Therefore, you must create YouTube videos that support the content of your website. Embedding videos with your existing web content can gain the audience while providing necessary business information. You must optimize your videos for appearing in the search results. For optimizing the video, you must consider the following:

  • Use targeted keywords in the video description
  • Augment verbal content
  • Use an engaging thumbnail image
  • Add accurate schema tags
  • Upload video to multiple platforms
  • Augment proper caption and transcript
  • Ensure mobile-friendly video

Trend #4: Featured Snippets

Earlier everyone wanted to be at number 1. But now everyone is eyeing for a better position than 1. Due to this reason, there is a competition to be at position 0. If you also want your website to be on the top, you must follow the latest google SEO trend i.e., Featured Snippets that got enlisted in SEO trends 2020. A featured snippet is a short and clear answer to a search query. Google displays the featured snippet on the top of the SERP, even above paid and organic ads. This SEO trend contributes to a considerable amount of clicks to your website. Therefore, you must give clear answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on your website to get the highest SEO ranking as FAQ snippets act as a catalyst to lure genuine traffic.

Trend #5: Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence seo trends 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was already predicted to top the list of tech trends in 2020. This technology is been used in a broad spectrum of industries for creating unique, personalized experiences to its consumers. Earlier, this technology was only associated with robots and machinery, but now it is also linked with digital marketing. Hence, artificial intelligence is listed in SEO trends 2020. Google uses AI to deliver search results to its users in a better way. AI has progressively learned the characteristics of what makes published articles valuable or not. Accordingly, this technology automatically divides these web pages and determines their ranking with precision.

Trend #6: Local SEO

Consumers usually search for services or products nearby and want a fast response. For instance, searching for a nearby vegetarian restaurant. Local SEO, like Google My Business (GMB), is another important SEO trend in 2020 that allows customers to have the most relevant search results based on their location. Implementing local SEO can help your business to show up on local search pages so that consumers can get quick responses to their queries. Ranking in a local search can drive more customers to your website. Hence, you must optimize your GMB listing and keep accurate business information as inconsistent information eventually leads to distrust for the business.

Trend #7: Mobile SEO

mobile seo trends 2020

Mobile is surprisingly among the top-notch SEO tools for 2020. Mobile web pages are a growing trend that has become more popular in 2020. The number of smartphone users is increasing day-by-day with better internet connectivity. So, if your website does not have a mobile version, it is losing most of its users. Also, most of the people do local searches on their mobile devices rather than on computers or tablets. Therefore, if you want to draw the attention of many people, you must create a mobile version for your website. Although merely having a mobile website is not enough to gain people’s attention, it must be attractive, have an easy-to-read interface, and capable of answering the queries or entertaining people. Besides this, mobile web pages must be optimized to keep up with your competitors. Higher you’re ranking of the Google mobile page index, more famous will be your page.

Trend #8: Website Loading Speed

website loading speed seo trends 2020

A fast loading website has a high conversion rate. If a website takes too long to load, people will tend to move on. The top-rated websites on Google have an average loading time of three seconds. If in case the website fails to load within 3 seconds, users will tend to leave. This clearly indicates that the loading speed of a website affects the conversion rate and thereby affects the SEO ranking. Hence, you must strategize to lower the page load time of your website.

In a Nutshell

Stay tuned to the aforementioned SEO trends and get an edge over your competitors. Know the trends and modify your SEO strategy to improve your web ranking, encourage traffic to your website, and eventually enhance the conversion rate.


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