8 Tips to Increase Your eCommerce Sales

The internet has compacted the whole world as a global village. Sitting in one corner of the earth, people can share information with a person at the other corner. The reasons could be many like work, study, marketing, learning, and entertainment, etc. To grow your business and giving it a global face, one needs to perform various commercial and social activities on the internet. And, here the eCommerce development steps in. It refers to the online buying and selling process which has revolutionized the traditional business approach. According to Statista, retail e-commerce sales have skyrocketed in 2019, to 3.53 trillion US dollars worldwide in 2019 and e-retail revenues will grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022.

With the immense scope of online transactions and sales, eCommerce has become the first choice of businesses. The demand for eCommerce is increased as every business house wants to establish its online store. An online store is beneficial to showcase a wide variety of products as well as less time-consuming. It has many more advantages like providing big discounts, new offers, a transparent business system, and more. If you also want to know how to boost your eCommerce sales then this post is a must-read. It is featuring some great tips to increase eCommerce sales as follows.


Engage With Customers On Social Media



The best way to engage the audience is through social media including Instagram, Facebook, etc. The end goal is to get the paying customers and encourage them to purchase again.


  • Increase eCommerce traffic with Instagram

Instagram is a powerful social media tool that attracts a larger audience and expands your reach. Undoubtedly, it improves brand positioning by creating high-quality content around hashtags relevant to your products.


  • Increase eCommerce Sales With Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook is one of the best sources to gain the attention of audiences. But it is a big challenge to get e-commerce sales through Facebook ads. One can offer an incentive to click, include the trigger words, use high-quality product images on the Facebook page, etc.


Upsell and Cross-sell

The eCommerce revenue can be increased by the processes of upselling and cross-selling. Upselling is to offer helpful and relevant recommendations over an existing product whereas cross-sell deals with different products to increase the price. But make sure that the upsells and cross-sells should be relevant to the original revenue. The purpose of both is to increase order value and to make aware of the existing customers of additional product options.


Make the Checkout Process Simple and Hassle-Free

Checkout is a process that a customer should follow before completing an e-purchase. Checkout is the last step where a customer finalizes the product choices, selects add-ons if any, confirms shipping options, then provides payment. A simple and hassle-free process makes it even easier for visitors to navigate and use your website.


Grow Your Brand

To make your business a brand, your products should be of high quality and great services. Your eCommerce website should be able to give a nice user experience and great transparency. It should be optimized for SEO with great content, really good images, and videos. Many companies are coming out with new products after detailed research work and spending a lot of time and resources. But, there is already strong competition in the market as many similar products are available. So, it’s better to follow an innovative approach to present the same products.


Move From Mobile Ready to mCommerce Optimized

Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services through cell phones(mobiles). Most of the websites are mobile responsive, but optimizing for mobile commerce requires improved mobile user experience.


Shopper Segmentation

Posting the ads on Facebook and Google search engine is an important factor to get more and more eCommerce traffic. There are many ways to increase sales through Facebook. Including acquisition campaigns to drive traffic and carousel ads to display top-selling products.


Build Effective Email Marketing



Email marketing is one of the best ways to retain your old customers to boost customer loyalty and lifetime value in a personalized and automated way. One can use a promotional email, a personalized transactional email, free shipping coupons, etc. to accomplish this. For example- anniversary, birthday, seasonal discount coupons, and more.


Upgrade Your eCommerce Software

Your eCommerce software should be updated to take full advantage of the latest techniques such as automation and multichannel marketing. As the conventional channels will give the same results, to stand out of the crowd you need to figure out that on how many channels you can market to get more audience attention. Either implementing automation sequence or post the main concern is to increase the loyalty of your brand.



Overall, the main focus of the owners of the online store should on customer retention. The reason is quite obvious- tough competition. Every day a new technology comes in the market that outdates everything. In this scenario, one should be adaptable to stay ahead with an eCommerce strategy. All the aforementioned tips will help to increase eCommerce sales including better social media presence, growing your brand, upselling, cross-selling, easier checkout process, mCommerce optimized site, email marketing, and more. If you want a secure, mobile responsive, visually appealing, eCommerce website, contact GrayCell Technologies. Believe us, you will be proud of your choice after seeing the end product!!


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