9 Tips to Brush up Your .NET Programming Skills in 2021

In 2020, the world’s second most used programming language is .NET with 35.1% usage.”

Several cutting-edge technologies have emerged in the market and lead to job opportunities for IT professionals. For instance, Microsoft .NET development environment is expanding rapidly with new tools and technologies. The .NET developers are not only versatile and talented within the programming arena, but they are also in demand. However, the .NET world is competitive, like any other emerging skill market.


How To Become Pro In .NET Programming?

Willing to become a .NET developer in a well-established organization? Have a desire for a handsome remuneration? If yes, then you must fine-tune your technical skills.

In this blog post, we have listed the tips that will help you to brush up on .NET programming skills.


#1. Be well-versed in ASP.NET Framework

With the expansion of the .NET ecosystem, the ASP.NET framework is driving the web development industry. In recent years, ASP.NET has replaced its competitor framework. It offers developers ease of creating robust, feature-rich, and fast web applications. Moreover, ASP.NET provides the best framework from client-side web technologies to pairing with server-side programming languages and even for unit testing. Companies search for ASP.NET MVC skills while hiring .NET developers.


#2. Have SQL and Database Skills



We know that data is the most dominant factor in the tech industry. It is a skill that is in demand in the .NET development industry. .NET developers should have good database management skills.  The .NET language is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. If a .NET developer is adept with SQL and can handle systems (for example, Entity Framework) comfortably, he is adding value to his portfolio. Thus, possessing database and data science skills provide you an edge and increase your chances to get a .NET job in a big organization.


#3. Understand Client-Side Web Development

The client-side app market is getting more and more competitive each day. The .NET web application must have creativity and innovation for building appealing and interactive applications. It not only improves the developer’s profile but also puts him in the camp of high-skill developers. The technological knowledge such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, and JavaScript provides additional leverage to ask for a better salary package in a .NET job interview.


#4. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) Certification



Companies give privilege to another essential skill, i.e., certification in the MCSD program. It is a Microsoft certification that is quite popular and in-demand. If a .NET developer possesses an MCSD certificate, he is highly valuable as the deployment and maintenance of .NET comes from Microsoft, and it requires modification after every two years.


#5. Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional)

It is among the most valued certifications in the market. If a .NET developer possesses this certification, he has leadership quality and a high skill level in the .NET framework. This certification will add scalability to your project. Therefore, when a company hires any .NET developer with this skill set, it will have a mentor in the .NET project.


#6. Good knowledge of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming)

Any .NET developer (novice to experienced) must know the concept of object-oriented programming, such as inheritance, dependency, composition, and generalization. If the .NET developer does not have this basic skill, it means he is not ready for the project.


#7. Develop Your Own App


If you are a .NET developer, you must create your Windows application. It is because when you design an app for a big organization, you will have prior experience in building apps and you will get to know the inherent challenges that occur while working with the .NET framework beforehand. Building your own app will also help in knowing what you must expect while entering the big leagues, learning to write and edit the code in a simple manner, and finding your own pace of workflow.


#8. The More Experience, The Better

To become highly proficient in .NET programming, .NET developers must invest a few years into the .NET framework programming. In this way, he can understand the handling and processing well and gain the required expertise. So, .NET developers must search for projects and opportunities that directly involve programming on Microsoft’s platform. They can learn the advanced skill set through different web tutorials.

Since .NET is a lucrative skill, organizations (small or big) look for promising new developers for .NET projects.


#9. Good Communication Skills



.NET developers develop .NET applications for which good communication skills are required to regularly communicate with clients. So, a developer must know how to translate intricate codes into clear-cut features that are easy-to-understand and avoid any kind of misunderstandings. He must be confident. He must know how to stand his ground when clients make unrealistic demands.



If you are an entrepreneur looking for .NET developers for your upcoming .NET project, then you require to judge developers based on their theoretical as well as practical knowledge. You can evaluate their projects before making your final decision


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