A 10-point Cheat Sheet to Hire a WordPress Development Company

“It was reported in June 2020 that Divi was the first largest website in Denmark that used approximately 11% of WordPress Theme technologies.”

At present, WordPress is the biggest Content Management System (CMS). The WordPress platform is used to develop most of the websites because it is easy to use, flexible, and has a strong plugin structure. It is the most preferred technology for e-commerce solutions, service providers, and bloggers.

“Want to launch a new website?”

“Want to grow your business?”

Don’t Worry!! WordPress has a solution to these problems. It will help you to set your business level as per your requirements.

Although WordPress is a user-friendly platform, realizing its true potential requires experienced developers who have a detailed knowledge of this technology (including pros and cons). However, there is an abundance of highly dedicated WordPress developers in the market. These professionals are always ready to unleash their talent on your company’s website; however, searching the proper match for the organization and getting them on board is a challenge for business owners.


Points To Keep In Mind Before Hiring a WordPress Development Company

Nowadays, every IT company wants to deploy WordPress for supporting digital methodologies. But, the only hurdle is to choose the professional WordPress development company according to your project.


#1. Outline Your Project Requirements

Before assessing the capabilities of the WordPress development companies, outline your project requirements. WordPress is not just limited to blogging; it can scan beyond boundaries. WordPress development companies use this platform to develop everything from e-commerce stores to WooCommerce integration or business websites. Some entrepreneurs wish to get their complete website created; others want to customize the page, add a theme, or integrate a plugin. You need to be clear about the business goals that you want to achieve. It will help you to choose the appropriate company for your project.

You must provide a detailed description of the project requirements, prerequisites, and needs to better assess the company’s efficiency.


#2. Examine Portfolios

After sketching the project requirements, you must explore the portfolio of WordPress development companies. Thoroughly scan the portfolio of the companies without relying on their brand name or brand value. Examine their different projects and evaluate their relevance to get to the conclusion. Surf internet for browsing their website, check for reviews, scrutinize their method of project completion, and check which one matches your expectations.

An outsourcing company dealing with WordPress projects is expected to be highly efficient as it will enable you to develop a website with greater ease and a better approach.

You must look for quality rather than quantity.


#3. Technology Stack

The third thing to keep in mind is to focus on the technology stack of the outsourcing companies. You must know what technologies they integrate within the WordPress platform.

“Do they have the experience to build WooCommerce stores using the platform?”

“Can they integrate plugins and themes within the WordPress website?”

A WordPress web development company that is flexible with diverse knowledge will help you grow with the website.

Hire a company that extends the proficiency of the website and helps you scale your business through the developed WordPress website.


#4. Delivery Timelines

You would definitely want to hire a WordPress outsourcing company that can develop your project within a specific timeline.

You need to hire a company that has an excellent track record of on-time delivery. The right WordPress development company will follow the agile methodology, planned strategy, and will be able to render the project on time.

It is the ground rule to ask for the project timeline before commencing your project.


#5. Web Development Approach

It is more likely that the business process followed by you may not map with your remote team. Thus, you must go through the website development method used by the WordPress development company to ensure effective engagements and error-free interaction.

Before starting work with your remote team, you must plan and communicate with the team to identify bottlenecks, make better connections, and save the time of development.

It is recommended to use the automated tools to track the development progress and remain on the same page with your team.


#6. Customization

Customers would never want to see a monotonous website. Hence, your website should be appealing aesthetically and promote sales. You must give priority to the company that offers a perfect blend of knowledge and expertise of drag and drop tools.

The right WordPress web development company can help in improving your website appearance by seamless plugin installation.


#7. Marketing Capabilities

The success of a website is based on its online ranking and search engine visibility. Therefore, the outsourcing WordPress development company must know how to market the website and improve search visibility.

Not everyone knows SEO tactics, which is why it is the job of the outsourcing development company to design the website in a manner that can sustain the market standards.

It is imperative to explore the past project of the outsourcing company and view the performance of the website.


#8. SEO Knowledge

Although you are offering the best products or services to your customers, your offerings must reach the right users. For this, you would want to enhance the visibility of your website, track more users, and expand your target audience. It can be done by hiring a company that also has a sound knowledge of SEO to widen your business reach.

Examine the websites developed by the outsourced companies and assess their online ranking.


#9. Post-Delivery Support

Shifting a business online is a huge responsibility. Everything should be perfect to remain ahead of the users.

The website may get stuck with sudden traffic and shuts down completely. In this case, an expert can address this issue.

The WordPress development team can help in easing the complexity of the situation to continue your business services without failure. A company must offer regular checks after the website creation to ensure that it functions seamlessly. The outsourcing team should be able to detect glitches before it degrades website performance.

You must hire a WordPress development company that offers lifetime support and services.


#10. Development Cost

It is a crucial point to consider the cost of development before hiring a suitable WordPress development company. You would want to build a feature-rich website at a low developmental cost. Therefore, scan the feature list and compare the pricing model of different companies.


Bottom Line

You must carefully assess the potential prospects and be mindful during the hiring process of the WordPress development company.

Consider GrayCell Technologies, an Indian outsourcing company that offers world-class WordPress development services. The GrayCell development team addresses your unique business requirements and accordingly offers a top-notch solution that helps in the growth of your business.



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