Best Mobile App Ideas to Create in 2020

In 2020, Google Play has 2.56 million Android apps while Apple’s App Store has 1.85 million iOS apps.”

Although both Android and iOS users have a variety of apps to choose from, not every app got successful in gaining attention from users. This is simply because of a lack of uniqueness in the idea. So, next time if you want to build an app, the following are the best ideas that can help build your mobile app and drive a huge target audience.


Ideas For Android and iOS Apps


Augmented Reality App


Whenever you buy any home decor item, you are always skeptical about whether the product will suit your room, or where it would look the best, etc. To overcome such a dilemma, Augmented Reality (AR) apps help you to style your room by allowing you to use your camera and place 3D models of various items in the virtual space on your phone so that you can see how it would look. AR apps can even partner with various shopping sites and provide the facility of ordering the item directly from your app. Apart from virtual interior design apps, you can also build makeup trial apps or outfit apps.


Medical App


The medical industry has witnessed an increase in the number of apps. Medical app services include searching for local pharmacies, checking medical bills, and other medicine-related mobile services. Medical apps (such as Netmeds) are already popular in the market for selling medicines at your doorstep at a discount. If you are willing to join the medical industry, you must design your app, augmenting features (such as customer medical summary, list of top doctors in the respective fields, medical terms list & their meanings, list of nearby pharmacies) that are missing from any other such apps.


Grocery Shopping App

Grocery shopping apps (like Big Basket) have already become successful in providing door-to-door services to its users. However, you can build your grocery shopping app, adding some unique features (like no zero-cancellation fee, cashback on every purchase, price comparison between stores, and minimum order) to stand out from the crowd.


Social Connect App


If you want to explore the social media landscape, you must focus on networking. Social connect app services not only target the Facebook and Instagram audience but also take care of business networks like LinkedIn covers. Hence, it is a great idea to create an app that enables users to connect all platforms, especially when your company is inclined towards customer interaction.


Student Assistance App

The student assistance app is a medium to help the students in their studies. Such apps include services like helping students in writing projects or essays, searching for the nearest stationery shop, comparing the price of books, and searching for group members for completing team projects.


Food Delivery App


Apps like Swiggy and Zomato have already made their mark in the food delivery market. So, building such a food delivery app is less likely to progress until your app has some unique features, such as ordering food scheduled for later in the day. Such a feature will help in saving the user’s time, and the restaurant will be able to deliver the food at the scheduled time as it will have ample time to prepare the order in advance. You can also allow the user to choose the ingredients and customize the dish according to their taste.


Content Identification App

You can build content identification apps like Hemingway (that can help to organize, gather, or correct the content), or apps like Noisli (that can identify the name of the song playing in the background). Other content identification apps include services such as identifying the video streaming shows that may be running in a hotel or mall and identifying the movie of a specific genre.


Shopping App

Ecommerce brands like Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart are already popular among the masses. Shopping will never fade away which is why you must consider to creating shopping apps such as:

  • Brand Shopping App – For users who like to shop branded products.
  • Budget Shopping App – For users who always look for discounts and deals to grab their product.
  • Pet Food App – For users who buy food for their pets. Such an app has a high potential to succeed.


Daily Planner App


People often tend to forget their daily tasks (like meetings, medications, etc.) due to the workload. Thus, you can create an app to help users organize their daily activities right from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night. Reminders at regular intervals for set activities will help users in managing their work effectively. Planner Pro, Microsoft Planner, and are some of the daily planner apps that help users in planning their day to day lives.


Meditation App

We have often heard about physical fitness apps that help users in being physically fit. But what about mental fitness? In today’s hectic schedule, people often get stressed, which is why mental health issues have increased over the years. To combat such situations, you can build a meditation app (such as the Mindfulness app) that can help users to calm down and reduce their stress.



We have mentioned the top 10 best ideas for mobile app creation in 2020. The key factor behind a successful mobile app is a unique idea that can drive traffic. You must conduct thorough research before designing your mobile app. Try to find a solution to a particular problem. Your app is more likely to be successful if you focus on areas that lack innovation. You can also create a free or affordable version of any famous mobile app to draw the attention of users.


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