Customized Calendar for Android Applications

In this blog, we will talk about the Calendar View Library that we created to provide a customized view of the calendar.


Calendar View Library

Calendar View (or Material Calendar View) library customizes the calendar view for Android applications that are based on a new design pattern called material design. This library can be used to customize the day and date according to individual requirements. It is used to display and select the date, add an event to a specific date and select an event from a specific date. The calendar view widget is simple and configurable such that you can interact with it by tapping on the desired date and scrolling or flinging the calendar to the desired date.



The Calendar View widget is compatible with only Android applications. When we talk of Android applications, this library can be included with specific versions i.e., greater than 4.0.



Our Calendar View library offers a wide variety of features. It uses the calendar logic that allows you to implement the calendar view according to your choice. GCT Calendar View library provides the custom date view that makes the Day cells look the way you want and with the functionality of your choice. It also provides a custom calendar view that displays your calendar the way you want, with any functionality of your choice. Using this library, you can make any day as the first day of the week. The calendar also has a horizontal scrolling mode to view the calendar. You can add the header and footer on each month. In addition to this, you can easily scroll to any date or month.



Our Calendar View library provides the logic to create different views. You can easily incorporate this library into your Android applications, saving both time and effort as the library helps you to customize your calendar without writing any code.


More Information

If you want to know how to use the Calendar View library or any other information related to this library, feel free to talk to us at info@ Share your queries with GrayCellTech and get a response within one business day.


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