Engagement Models

We work with extremely flexible engagement models

Dedicated virtual resources

A dedicated team is assigned to the client who work as the client’s virtual office. The client provides the tasks which the team works on and updates the client on a daily and weekly basis.

Fixed Price

Clients share the project specifications, scope of work is arrived at and a fixed quote is provided. Upon mutual agreement, the project is commenced. The team provides weekly and fortnightly updates in addition to regular deliveries as per the pre-arranged milestones.

Time and Material

This is a cost-efficient engagement model for clients who wish to use our services for short durations. Here the client pays for the number of hours dedicated by the assigned individual/team. The team/individual is picked based on the work volume and the client’s project requirement.

Working methodology

We follow Agile processes. Roughly 90% of our projects are based on the outsourcing model where only a small chunk of the work is based on onshore (client location) and the rest of it is covered at our office. Email, Slack, Basecamp, Skype and dedicated phone numbers are used for client communication allowing for greater communication between the client and GrayCell teams.

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