GrayCell Technologies is an Excellent GoTo Partner for your Digital Business Growth: GoodFirms

GrayCell Technologies is always at the forefront of creating a parallel universe of success with its partner companies and businesses. Are you wondering how we do it? Here’s an excerpt from our CEO, Mr. Munish Jauhar’s interview with GoodFirms to know better.


GrayCell Technologies has been the leading market provider since 2004 by developing top-notch mobile and web applications, and currently, it has established itself as a reputed IT service provider, globally.


While recalling the ebbs and flows of the initial years, Mr. Jauhar shares with GoodFirms researcher Anna Stark that it was a complete one-man show at the beginning. However, over the years GrayCell Technologies grew into a talented team of 75+ members who are continually engaged in building scalable and trusted  IT products.


I have been working in the global IT sector for decades now and the idea behind the evolution of GrayCell Technologies was to help start-ups and SMEs with quality services at competitive prices. While doing so, I ensured to involve design-thinking methods, agile discipline, and engineering excellence in products and services. This helped in creating a stable digital foundation for our clients and help them uncover new opportunities in business” our CEO shared.


To ensure flawless development and delivery of our products, GrayCell Technologies trusts an in-house model rather than the outsourcing one and has set up comprehensive procedures for the same.



Our in-house team manages everything from documentation to deployment jobs in the company. We will soon cross the figure of 100+ members in our team, which includes experienced and talented developers, designers, project managers, BAs, and QAs, all working under the same roof. The beauty of working with an in-house team is that it ensures faster communication and shorter response time and the result is reflected in the form of high end client satisfaction. Therefore, our client repeat range is 60-70%, and approximately 50% of our business is still growing on client recommendations.” Mr. Jauhar adds.


Not just start-ups, GrayCell Technologies also has ties with industry leaders and mission-driven non-profits. Thus, our partner companies trust us to deliver innovative solutions that help drive their businesses forward.


GrayCell Technologies has worked for businesses from different industries. Our premium clients belong to Education, Health and Fitness, Logistics and Transportation, Entertainment, Sports, Real Estate, Travel and Tourism, Retail and eCommerce, etc. Most of the clients from these domains are repeat clients, Mr. Jauhar confirmed. “With regard to trending technologies, BlockchainNFT, and IoT based mobility solutions, in addition to mobile and web applications, are part of our ever evolving portfolio” CEO revealed. “We are soon to book our space as top software development company in India in the GoodFirms ranking list.”


GrayCell Technologies promptly addresses every customer query and issue, conducting regular meetings. Our 100% customer satisfaction rate vouches for our repetitive clients. As our CEO says, we maintain transparency in our operations and always ensure that our clients are informed and engaged in all parts of the software development life cycle.


The company follows a flexible payment structure, monthly or hourly, comprising different milestones. The payment terms are defined depending on the type of project and the client’s preference. The budget has never been a concern with us, reflects Mr. Jauhar. We are flexible in offering quotations and discussing a new project with all types of clients. A client review below proves that GrayCell Technologies takes complete care of their client projects and assures that all the goals are achieved promptly.



It is an excerpt of the interview of our CEO Mr. Munish Jauhar taken by GoodFirms. The detailed interview is available here on the company profile page at the GoodFirms website.


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