GrayCell Technologies unveils the new Brand Logo

GrayCell Technologies, the leading web and mobile service agency in North India, today unveiled a new brand identity, by launching the new Corporate Logo. On the occasion, GrayCell Founder and CEO, Mr Munish Jauhar mentioned that “Our new logo better communicates what GrayCell Technologies stands for today”.

Mr Jauhar explained the whole thought process behind the new logo. Click here to see the evolution of The GrayCell Technologies new logo at SlideShare



The insignia is a reliable cluster of Gray Cells serving the globe. It is an always learning, always an intelligent network of neurons, which encodes and builds what you want it to. The neurons in the network find strength in their relationship. The network is also a schema of the World Wide Web.



Shades of Grey represent a practical, corporate, accountable, professional, sophisticated, mature, modern, responsible, reliable business.



Galderglynn Titling is a bag of assorted 19th Century metal type, perfect for a reliable, progressive brand.

For more information about GrayCell Technologies, please visit us at or Connect with us through social media channels (FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin)


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