How Messaging Apps Can Be Used In Your Marketing Strategy?

For a successful business, a strong marketing strategy plays a key role. One must always identify new ways and tools to improve the marketing strategy and make it stronger. At present, social media platforms are the strongest marketing tool. Messaging apps – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc., can also take a marketing strategy to the next level as they are growing in their potential and influence.

According to a survey done by Statista in July 2020, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile global mobile messenger app as it had 2 billion users each month. Messaging apps have features and tools that can be used by marketers to their advantage. These features help improve customer service, enhance website conversions, and generate a loyal following.


Brand Marketing With Messaging Apps

Let’s explore the different ways of using a messaging app for brand or product marketing.


Businesses use popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger to reach out to their customers. Messaging apps facilitate buyers to receive information about their orders via Messenger. They can use the app to directly contact the online retailers for product information and get a quick response.

Brands like Zulily and Everlane were the first who took advantage of Businesses on Messenger.

KLM airline started using Messenger to offer its passengers the convenience of receiving all flight documentation and travel information that they require. For instance – booking confirmation, check-in reminders, flight status, and boarding pass.

Kik – a mobile messaging app launched its own bot store in 2016 and gained traction with its users. Brands like Sephora and H&M were some of the first launch partners.


  • Make Easy Checkouts with Payments via Messenger Apps

Snapchat launched a virtual wallet app in 2015 and named it Snapcash. This app allowed users to store debit card information on Snapchat and send money to family and friends by sending a message.

In the same year, Western Union included a dominant messaging app – WeChat, to enable US-based users to send funds to around 200 countries and territories across the world.

Besides, Facebook integrated the feature of peer-to-peer payments into Messenger in 2015.


  • Engage in In-app Shopping

The online shopping experience is possible in the integrated, and streamlined environment of the messaging app when the bot technology works in perfect sync with the in-app payment features. For instance – Shopify made this possible by integrating Facebook Messenger.

Moreover, WeChat bots enable its Chinese users to perform several tasks using the WeChat app. For example, book taxis, play online games, manage bank accounts, buy movie tickets, check-in for airline flights, schedule doctors’ appointments, and apply for mortgages.


  • Engage with Consumers Through Public Chats

Adidas started using WhatsApp to build communities for bridging the gap between its members across the world. Using this app, Adidas members can access news, events, brand ambassadors, etc. In this way, the company keeps its brand in the heads of its customers.

Viber launched Public chats in 2014. It enables people to follow the chats of personalities, celebrities, or a specific subject and download sticker collection of brands.


  • Make Your Own Emoticons and Stickers

Sponsored emoticons and stickers can keep a brand in its customers’ minds. Funny graphics can be used in public chats as well as private instant messages. Facebook and Viber have a common feature of creating custom graphics that became a standard feature in other social messaging apps.

Pro Tip: Ensure that your stickers and emoticon designs correspond directly to the identity of your brand.


  • Conduct Contests, Promotions, and Other Gimmicks

In 2014, during the Chinese New Year, WeChat allowed users to send virtual red envelopes. Around 20 million users participated in this campaign and sent the red envelopes to their friends and family. This number increased to 1 billion in 2015 and 8 billion in 2016.

Luxurious brands such as Kate Spade and Burberry have developed social media marketing campaigns for the WeChat user base during the Chinese New Year. These brands have launched their own promotional initiatives (that are relevant) by capitalizing on major cultural traditions and events in China. Kate Spade used WeChat to allow users to partake in a popular sky lantern-flying game.


Final Thought

Do you want to get your brand noticed by more people?

Advertise your brand on the platforms that people are using. For example, messaging apps. It will enable your business to get creative while directly communicating with your target audience.

Messaging apps can make a huge difference in the marketing strategy. Using the messaging app can help you expand your reach and build a steadier relationship with your followers.

The above features will help you to understand the possibilities of using messaging apps in your marketing strategy. However, you must introduce a new element into your marketing strategy that best suits your business and also try to come up with your own idea.



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