How To Deliver A Digital Product That Your Users Will Love

Selling digital products is more appealing than selling physical products. There is no need to worry about things like warehousing products, shipping orders, and handling returns as everything is managed online. Although it sounds very simple and attractive, selling digital products online comes with its own challenges that you need to address.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the strategy of selling a digital product online that will help you in making your business successful.


How To Sell Your Digital Product Online?


Step 1: Find Your Niche And Market Fit

Just like physical products, your digital products must have a healthy demand and a willing audience. For consumers, your digital product is different from a physical product.

The purchaser focuses on using the product to see its outcome rather than its ownership. Thus, it is essential that your digital product solves a specific problem and caters to the market requirements. If your digital product is similar to a pre-existing product or does not meet the consumer needs, then there will be no demand. Therefore, you must ask yourself the following questions before creating your own product:

“What specific problem does your product solve”

“Is there a growing demand in your niche?” “Is there a growing demand in your niche?”

“What are the products similar to your niche?”

“How is your product different from others?”


Step 2: Understand Your Most Effective Marketing Channels

Once you have found out your niche and market fit, you must know your target audience so that you can assess the most effective marketing channels to reach them.

You must research to identify the platform that attracts your target audience and the type of message that’s likely to be most effective for them.


  • Search Engine Optimization

“Around 64% of marketers actively invest their time in search engine optimization.”

In case you have your own website, then incorporating SEO into your marketing strategy requires little or no effort. Since 80% of traffic gravitates from search engines, it will be a waste, if you do not capitalize on this channel.

Although SEO shows results after a certain time period, you must initially rely on alternative marketing channels for a speedy product launch.

You can also hire a web development company that can provide you a great platform for selling your digital products and also give you a head start on SEO.

Using responsive and optimized templates, speedy loading, and AI assistance in creating search-friendly content, you can create a profitable digital download e-commerce business in less time.


  • Social Media Advertising

Identify the social media platform that most of your target audience use and serve them tailored ads on that platform. It is an effective method for businesses to sell their products online.

You can use different e-commerce platforms to create, target, track, and optimize ads on various social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.


  • Influencers & Bloggers

You can leverage influential online personalities to channel traffic to your products. Based on your target audience and market, identify the right influencer or blogger for the promotion of your goods. However, this method is appropriate for only B2C and not B2B.


  • Online Ads

Along with serving ads on social media, consider ad networks to enhance your reach to your target audience. You can work with Google Ads as it has the widest reach to consumers across the internet. A web development company can also help you create and target ads with Google quickly and easily.


  • On-platform Promotion

Depending on the type of your product and the target audience, you may have opportunities to market the product on the platform that you are using. It might optimize your profile to invite more visitors or spend time networking with other sellers to grow your exposure on the platform. You must ensure to grab every available opportunity to grow your reputation.


Step 3: Choose a Freemium Model

Since you have created products to sell, you would want to get a high return on investment by generating sales from paying customers. When you sell your digital product, facilitating customers with the free versions, trials, or samples of your product is an effective way to drive sales.

There are various ways of leveraging the freemium model to attract customers to your digital brand. For instance, a software company can publish a free version of its software with limited features. Using this model, users can take advantage of a good deal, and become invested in your product without purchasing it. Furthermore, they are likely to pay for further access.

Step 4: Offer a Variety of Payment Levels

Creating a tiered payment system is another method that is effective in expanding your customer base and fostering repeat custom. Many organizations have their core product that accounts for the majority of their sales.

If the price of your core product is relatively high, you must consider releasing a stripped-down version at a cheaper rate. In this way, customers who cannot or do not want to invest in your core product can still purchase from your brand. It will make them more likely to purchase a bigger product later. Moreover, customers who have already purchased your core product will have a reason to further purchase from your company.


Step 5: Optimize Your Website Or Profile For Conversions

You have won half of the battle in convincing users to purchase your digital products if you choose the right marketing channels and messaging. To drive more sales, you must optimize your user experience to encourage more visitors to your site.

You can have most of the control if you sell your digital product on your own website. You can use the language that encourages conversions, a layout that is easily navigable and strategically placed call to action buttons to ensure that your conversion rate is high. A web development company can also help you optimize your website by providing traffic insights and page analysis to help you understand how visitors behave.

Selling your products using a third-platform offers fewer optimization options. In case you use this method, you must ensure that your profile is keyword optimized, branding is appealing, and messaging encourages purchases.


Step 6: Foster Return Customers

Ensure to keep an eye on opportunities that develop reasons for customers to come back for purchasing again and again as it will cost you less.

You can sell new products having new features or existing products with updated features to encourage further purchases.

Collect contact details of your old customers, connect with them on social media, and feed messages regularly. It will help you in the long run.

Membership and subscription models are also effective in generating a predictable income stream.


In A Nutshell

If you want to sell your digital products online, you can create your own website or online store as it is an easy and quick step. Collaborate with GrayCell Technologies – a web development firm as it will help you in creating your own website or online store and offering powerful marketing tools and third-party e-commerce platforms.



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