Logo Story

Logo Story

How it all began?

Founded in 2004. GrayCell technologies is an innovative, forerunner in custom Web/App Development Solutions with a heavy focus on customer satisfaction. It is a brand which is built on the pillars of reliability and stability.

The name of the brand is influenced by Agatha Christie’s famous fictional Belgian detective Hercules Poirot known for his use of “the little grey cells”. In one instance, Poirot tapped his forehead and said, “These little grey cells. It is up to them.”

The Thought Process

The insignia is a reliable cluster of Grey Cells serving the globe. It is an intelligent network of neurons as it keeps on learning. It encodes and builds what you want it to. The neurons in the network find strength in their relationship. The network is also a schema of the World Wide Web.


Shapes of Grey represent a practical. Corporate accountable. Professional. Sophisticated. Mature. Modern. Responsible. Reliable business.


Galderglynn Titling is a bag of assorted 19th century metal type. Perfect for a reliable. Progressive brand.

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