Must-Know Tips for Android Application Development

According to Statista, the number of smartphone users around the world is expected to increase from 2.5 billion in 2016 to 3.8 billion by 2021. With the increasing usage of smartphones, the number of apps will also increase because businesses now prefer mobile apps as a marketing strategy.

When we hear the term “smartphone”, we generally assume it to be Android. Android apps are not only easy to develop but also easy to use. Since Android is an open-source technology, the source code of the operating system can help open new and exciting opportunities. However, during Android app development, developers face various challenges that must be addressed to provide a great user experience.


Points To Remember For Android App Development

Let’s learn some tips for developing Android applications that will help you to make your app successful in the market.

  • In-depth Research

If you are an entrepreneur and want to develop your own Android app, the first and foremost thing to do is in-depth research. You must know which product/service is not being offered by Android apps in the market, what offerings can be made better, and which category or function has the least number of Android applications. So, explore the market to accomplish your Android application development goal.

In short, research will help you avoid making any app similar to the existing app of the Google Play Store.


  • Make a Simple & Focused App

An app functionality determines the fare of the app post-launch, especially for a customer-centric Android app. There are several apps in the market that compete with your app. So, differentiate your app by making it easy to use, intuitive, and simple. You can also personalize and add an exclusivity factor to your app to make the app successful.


Also, your app functionality must focus on the core purpose. You should avoid creating a feature-heavy application due to its complexity and more memory usage.


  • Identify the Scope of Integrations

If you have built a simple and focused app, it does not mean that you cannot offer extended services to your customers. You can create a light and easy-to-use app, and at the same time, make it essential for your customers by engaging in strategic integrations. Rather than incorporating peripheral functionalities into the same app, you can have one or more complementary apps or integrate them with a third-party offering to lighten the burden of use and device memory.


  • Develop Simple and Attractive User-interface

The first thing that the potential customers notice about an app is its UI/UX design. Therefore, personalization is a crucial aspect if you are targeting a niche audience. So, you must opt for custom Android app development. Your app must relate to the cumulative preference of your target users.

Another critical aspect of Android app development is the application load time. Although your app may be very appealing and relatable, users will not stick around for longer than a few seconds for your app to load.


  • Leverage Android App Development Platform

It is not easy to master all the tools in the Android SDK. That’s why you can opt for a mobile app development platform (like GrayCell Technologies) to build your Android app. This platform can offer solutions for different apps (like Android and iOS) and enables an app release in less time in comparison to the traditional app development process. It also facilitates integration and impressive UI/UX design and post-launch support.


  • Plan Initial Few Upgrades

It is crucial to make your customers feel valued. So, the mobile app development company (or GrayCell Technologies, GCT) releases relevant and time to time upgrades. Planning a few initial upgrades is a good strategy. In short, you must hold back a few features or functions deliberately at the time of your app launch.

After you have launched your app, you must release the first update within six months; since then, release the other update within a year. Consistently upgrading will improve user experience without taking much time to come up with an innovative upgrade.


  • Ensure App Security


People use smartphones for their routine tasks. So, mobile phones are an easy target for hackers during the last few years. An app must follow security standards to protect user data from hackers. Therefore, you must ensure that your Android app is secure and safe and does not allow third-party access to user data.


  • Join Developers’ Communities

Join a knowledge-sharing platform or developers’ communities and stay updated with the latest trends in Android app development. It will also help you to learn the best practices followed by the practitioners.


  • Leverage Analytics & Gather Customer Feedback

If you have launched your Android app, you must use some means to gather feedback to know the relevance of your app. You can add this feature with the usage data that you receive at the backend. In this way, you can streamline your app and make your users feel valued.

Pro Tip: Acknowledge customer feedback in the update release note. You can mention the percentage of users that requested a particular feature and hence the upgrade.


Android App Development At GCT

Do you have a revolutionary idea that can make a difference in society? If yes, then turn this idea into reality with GrayCell Technologies (GCT) – an outsourcing platform that can help you make a mark in the app world.

At GCT, Android developers have the skills to leverage emerging technologies and state-of-the-art Android development tools. The development team aims to create an outstanding user experience by consistently staying up-to-date with Android market trends. With this, they ensure that the clients always stay ahead in the competition.




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