Proven Ways To Add An Email Signup Form On Instagram Page

You will get a tremendous response and an opportunity to grow your email list by simply adding a signup form to your Instagram page. However, unfortunately, there are several blogs and commercial accounts on Instagram that do not use this platform to collect email addresses that could have helped in their further campaigns significantly.

Different surveys have proved that such an approach can be beneficial to the business owners providing them with a proven solution only when it is used correctly. This will help them to collect more organic subscriptions through Instagram and bring in good results and returns to their investments. All you need to know is how well you can organize it for your benefit.


The reasons most of the digital marketers emphasize on using Instagram are:

  • It helps them to grow the contact base significantly because it is one of the most popular platforms. Users on this platform are more active, highly engaged, and there is a new follower added to it every day. This research says, will add another 26.9 million users by the end of 2020. This means that this platform can generate more prospects than and a traditional landing page.
  • Apart from the penetration aspect of this platform, its economy is another factor of its popularity. It is a cheaper platform to promote a brand through the Instagram profile than optimizing a landing page in the search engines. You can do it by yourself or hire services like Gramista for automatic promotion. It will cost you much either.
  • Audience segmentation is another reason for promotion on Instagram enabling marketers to show their posts to only those who belong to their target audience. You can, therefore, use automatic promotion according to the age, gender, or location of the audience to reach and encourage them to subscribe to your email list.

Most of the time, collecting email subscriptions outside Instagram will not provide you with this opportunity. All you have to do is add a subscription form in the Instagram bio at no extra costs and also in the Instagram Stories.


Lead Magnets


People will not be encouraged to give you their email address and other personal contact info even if you are their favorite brand unless they get something in return. Therefore, you will need to offer them some incentive irrespective of the strategy you use. This approach is called the lead magnet, and it can be downloaded in several different forms, such as:

  • A content
  • A discount
  • A video or an
  • Exclusive sneak peek.

To make your lead magnet successful, you must offer your target audience something that they need and is easily accessible. You can even make lead magnets fun such as a contest or a giveaway that will require the people to provide their email address and contact information so that they can register to take part in such contests.


Add a CTA to Instagram Bio

You must also use your Instagram bio to drive your followers to subscribe to your email list. Therefore, pay attention to your Instagram bio, which is the first thing people see they view your profile. Include the most vital information about your business in your bio and make it perfect so that it tells your new followers everything such as:

  • About you
  • About your business
  • About your product and
  • The reason they should follow you.

This will encourage them to act just the way you want and interact with your business. One such action is signing up for your email list.

It is pretty simple. All you need to do is incorporate a link in your Instagram bio on your sign-up landing page or the homepage of your website. Then you will need to promote it so that everyone notices it and become your followers and even subscribe.


Give a Reason

Your followers should have a strong reason to subscribe to your email list. You will need to create an incentive that will drive them to your site and subscribe. The process to follow include asking yourself what is that your audience will love to have. There is no better incentive than offering something for free.

Some common incentives that you can offer include:


  • A discount
  • A free guide
  • An e-book
  • A course
  • A training video and more.

Whatever you choose to provide them with, please make it a point that you do not urge them to subscribe to your newsletter. This will drive them away. According to the Tribe Growth research, it is found after testing different value propositions that clients do not want to subscribe to any newsletter. It is your incentive that will do all the talking and provide the results as desired.

Just make sure that the incentive that you choose to offer to your customers resonates with your target customer and their need. For example, if you sell fashion items, the best motivation will be discounts and competitions that will convert them. On the other hand, if you sell information products and courses, then an appropriate incentive will be a free eBook or guide.


The Working Process

No matter how confusing the whole process of generating email sign-ups using Instagram is, you can find it easy if you follow these steps.

  • Create or find your ideal audience on the platform
  • Put a link to the email list in your Instagram profile bio
  • Ask the followers to join your list and of course
  • Reward then with something they will like.

This is a four-part process. Make sure that the followers know what the benefits they will get when they signup.

Another important thing that you should remember is that you should send the emails at the most opportune moments. This means that you will send it at times when they are active and are more likely to open it. It is needless to say that your emails will be of no value when you send it while they are sleeping at night. It will not be opened and will probably get lost in the number of other emails they may receive all through the day.


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