Role of Mobile/Web Apps in the Healthcare Industry

Technological advancements have already created a positive impact on various industries. The healthcare sector is one such domain on which technology has made its mark and provided better healthcare facilities (like online consultation, and remote medical services). Based on the requirements, there are different types of medical applications (apps with medication history, reminder apps, chat apps, and EHR (Electronic Health Record) apps) used by healthcare organizations for providing their patients a better experience.


How Mobile/Web Apps help Healthcare Professionals and Patients?

Mobile and web app development have helped both healthcare providers and patients in multiple ways. The healthcare providers can easily access useful medical information at any instant through medical textbooks available in apps. Patients can also access the necessary information instantly, communicate with doctors, etc. through such apps.

Medical apps allow healthcare professionals to quickly find the answers to their questions and make the right decision. This helps in providing better services and correct treatment to patients. Pharmacists also make wise decisions based on medical information (present in the app) about drugs.

These apps help to store all documents in one place so that they can be accessed by the doctor/patient living in any part of the world at any time. Digital technology helps in processing a huge amount of information, analyzing it and providing accurate results, using which doctors can make accurate diagnoses.



Healthcare apps help in reducing the paperwork that saves a lot of time for healthcare providers to focus more on patient care.

Building mobile or web apps have supported better communication between the doctor and the patient. Through online communication, the doctors can check the patient, identify symptoms if the patient is not well and so on without wasting any time in meeting the doctor in-person.


How GrayCell Contributed to the Healthcare Industry?

Like several other IT companies, GrayCell Tech has also contributed to the healthcare industry and developed different healthcare applications. Some of the mobile and web apps developed by our app development team are:


  • This is a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. This app facilitates the blood donation process for saving lives during crises. It is a platform that promotes the noble cause of blood donation by bridging the gap between the blood donor and the receiver. Whenever there is a perpetual shortfall of blood donors, this app can be used to register the blood donation request and get a suitable donor.
  • Health Industry Web App for the UK: This is a web application that was designed using Java. It provides the UK’s largest database of recommended specialists that helps patients to connect to the best healthcare specialists. Doctors recommend these specialists based on their own professional experience. This application helps the GP and patient to find trusted specialists in all the healthcare areas.
  • Lecture Pad: This mobile application was created for iOS devices. It allows students to learn about different courses (such as medical courses) through rich videos and text content. The course material is free of cost and can only be accessed after the student has enrolled in that particular course.
  • Weight Loss App: This is a weight loss application that was designed and developed for Android and iOS devices. This application can be used by any person who wants to lose weight. It keeps track of your workout dates. In case you forget or skip your workout, this app will help you to notify the same so that you can again follow your workout routine. Therefore, it never lets you skip your workout. This app also allows you to set up a private network of weight-loss mates (from any country or region) that motivate each other to stay in shape.



This app also keeps a track of your actual weight and goal weight and links them to your workouts. In case you get off track, the app tells you what to do next and helps to reach your goal weight. In addition to this, your meals are designed based on your weight loss goals that further helps you to stay fit.


Other Apps: We have also built a Java based web software that deals with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) technology. This software is ONE system to schedule, document, bill, and market private practices. It can automate front desk tasks (such as verifying a person, creating a patient’s chart, and scheduling the recurring appointment), clinicians’ tasks (such as completing the documentation work), bill generation (such as ERA posting), and marketing.


GrayCell Technologies is an Application Development Partner that provides custom digital solutions to a wide variety of industries such as Healthcare, Education, Engineering, and Aviation. Irrespective of the organization (startup or enterprise), the GrayCellTech’s development team identifies the client’s business requirements and then offers a unique solution to provide the best outcome. GrayCellTech team is focused on delivering seamless user experience, thereby generating enhanced business profits.


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