Startup Mobile App Development Ideas in 2020

So many startups enter the market every year, but the majority of them fail in less than five years! It is scary if you can’t look at the other side of the coin.

Some startups do survive despite working with small budgets and limited resources. And, with time, they make their place in the market.

So, what’s the crucial difference between the startups that fail and those which survive and grow? The answer is simple, the one with a great idea that can sell survives!

This is furthermore applicable to the mobile application development startups. Mobile app development is a lucrative business, but only when you start with an excellent idea.

But, how do you get the best startup idea? Here are the top startup mobile app development ideas for 2020.


1. Used Products Selling App

This app will benefit those who want to dispose of their used products, which are in good condition such as expensive toys, books, furniture, etc.

The app thus helps in making used products available to those who need them at lower costs compared to the brand-new ones.

The AR-enabled app will allow users to upload the listings of their used products for sale. Interested buyers can try the products virtually with the use of augmented reality overlays.

AR-based used-product selling app gives an excellent pre-purchase experience, which allows users to make an intelligent purchase decision.

From the idea, it is clear that this app can expect a large number of users and so it will sell. But, you must make it distinctive to beat the competition.


2. Discussions & Debates App


In these times, when people have become so much dependent on mobile phones, they are losing their opportunity of networking with people without the use of social media apps.

Most people love to interact with others. They are often looking for casual and intellectual discussions on all sorts of topics.

An app that can connect people from different areas, and allow them to ask queries and seek answers can help them beat their boredom and keep connected to others.

So developing an app for discussions and debates is a great idea that can help people keep connected to other people. It will also assist them in getting their queries solved by experienced and qualified people in that field.


3. E-Learning App


The craving for learning more has transformed human societies throughout their existence. But twenty years ago, the learning avenues were limited. And, people had to approach the educational institutions which often also required them to relocate.

However, the golden era for education and learning has commenced with the advent of e-learning apps. Now apps are helping eliminate barriers of time and location from education and learning. And cutting-edge technologies are making the learning experience more valuable with better learning material, practical and experiential learning to use AR/VR, etc.

E-learning apps are a boon for both the educators and the students. People of all age groups and financial status can take the benefits of learning through these apps. When the advantage of e-learning apps are so many, the use of e-learning apps will increase further. So, startups must leverage this opportunity!


4. Car Rental App

Car rental apps help those who need a car but can’t spend as much to own one. And then many of them don’t need a car daily, so they don’t opt to buy it for occasional use.

Then there are many who own a car but are not using it for various personal limitations. They can rent their car through car rental apps and earn from the car.

This app, a car-sharing marketplace, is the need of the times. App development startups should utilize this highly lucrative opportunity.


5. Superstore Check-Out App 

With our busy lifestyles, it is difficult for us to cope up with the time demands of crowded superstores and their billing queues. Who wants to waste his week off in billing queues?

An app idea that could save you precious hours and yet help you complete your useful superstore visits is surely going to sell. The most useful app for 2020 is that which helps you in quick check-outs at superstores.

A superstore check-out app allows the user to scan the products himself, and generate the bill. It goes a step further to facilitate bill payment through the app. So, it will help the superstore customers to save a lot of time and hassles.


6. Property Rental App


Property rental app is not a new idea, but definitely a very selling one. Property rental is the need for almost everyone who doesn’t own a property. And, for those who want to rent their property, it is a great idea for a hassle-free renting.

Property owners can list their property on this app, and those interested in the property can search for the desired property through this app without actually visiting the location.

As so many players are already in the market, how do you make your app distinct? With the use of AR, a cutting-edge technology, you can give excellent user experience that increases user engagement and trust.

Moreover, blockchain-based smart-contracts functionality can also help manage all the rental contracts between the buyers and sellers. This will be a faster and trustworthy way to rent a property and is expected to benefit the buyers and sellers as the role of an intermediary is eliminated.

Other features that can help you build a great property rental app are high-quality images and videos, 360-degree tours, real-time chat, background verification of tenant, reviews, and feedback of apartments, agents, and owners, etc. This app should also allow rental payments on time, send payment reminders.

A property rental app, to be effective also requires very good search filters that give relevant results to the user based on their preferred criteria of cost, location, number of rooms, length of the lease, amenities nearby, etc.

Interesting, isn’t it? So, are you planning to build a property rental app now?


7. Emergency Services App


Emergencies come without warnings. And, managing emergencies is a challenging task worldwide. Apart from governments, many countries have NGOs working for emergency relief services.

But, the help of NGOs offering emergency services must reach the disaster victims. To facilitate this, startups can develop a technology-empowered emergency services’ app. The app will act as a contact point for victims and help providers. This app’s functionality can even extend to raising donations for disaster management.

The artificial-intelligence empowered bots manage user queries and route such queries to the right NGO, providing services that are required in the disaster-hit areas.

The app will overall help save time and make service reach the needy immediately after the disaster.


Wrapping Up!

Mobile app development startups are always looking for the best app ideas that could ensure growth and success to them. So, here are some amazing ideas of apps that the users will download and engage with. Irrespective of the idea that you have chosen, it is important that you get your app developed from the top mobile app developers who can understand your requirements. Contact us now!



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