The Importance of Age Verification for Online Businesses

In the past few years, digital technologies have become quite popular among young children. According to research, more than 95% of kids aged 3 to 18 have access to the internet at their home. Digital technologies are the future of humanity, and it is only fair for kids to learn them early.

However, as the internet has become more accessible to children, it puts more responsibility on online businesses to keep explicit and violent content away from children. For this, businesses can’t just put a warning on their page; they have to put in an age verification system that can help them identify the age of the user. Luckily there is plenty of software in the market that offers businesses a proper age verification system for their websites. By using age verification software, businesses can make sure that age-restricted content is only viewable to adults.

It is crucial for all sensitive websites to have a gatekeeper so that they can filter their visitors, ensuring only the right audience is reaching their landing page. Businesses who deal with content that is not suitable for kids or have privacy concerns must never ignore the importance of age verification. It can harm their business and reputation. Let’s take a deeper look at why you need to put an age verification system in place and what happens if you don’t.


Risks of Ignoring Age Verification

It is vital for businesses to understand the importance of age verification because it can put them at a number of risks. Some of these risks include:


Damage to Brand Image

If you are not using age verifications software on your website, then you are putting your business’ reputation at risk. By putting a strict age verification system on your website, you are showing your customers that you care about the community and are protecting children from browsing products or services that are not for children. This will build a healthy image for your brand, and you will be able to drive more customers.

On the other hand, if you are not using an age verification system, you are damaging your reputation. If children are constantly stumbling on your website and are viewing content they shouldn’t be viewing; then it will significantly hurt your brand image. Similarly, if you are running a website where the users are concerned with privacy and security, you will be losing credibility with your users by allowing anyone on your website. That is why an age-verification is crucial for you because it can save your image by keeping unwanted visitors at bay.


Regulatory Compliance

Another disadvantage of not using age verification software is that businesses could face compliance issues. All businesses have to follow regulations when they are putting themselves on the internet. You cannot leave content that is not suitable for children on the internet, and if you do, you are required to put filters. If you are not meeting the rules and regulations you have to follow on the internet you can also end up facing legal action.

First, you need to ensure that your website is following Google’s guidelines because if you don’t, you will be pushed down in Google SERP rankings. It will also affect your domain authority negatively. You also need to make sure that you are following the state laws on your website, and if they want your content to be restricted to a certain age, you will have to put filters on your website. By using age verification software, this risk can be avoided. It will ensure that you are complying with the rules.


Harmful for Children

If you are selling products or offering services that are not suitable for children, then it is crucial for you to put a strong age verification system on your website. For example, if you are in a liquor store, you don’t want to sell liquor to underage kids. Not only is it bad for children, but it can also land you in great trouble. If there is no verification system in place, kids can get hold of a credit card and can easily make a purchase online.

Similarly, if you are selling other adult products or services that children shouldn’t be seeing, it is better for you to lock on your website that will only open after the age of the visitor is verified. Exposure to sexual content is harmful to kids, and it can affect them psychologically. It is every business’s duty as a member of the community to make sure that the children are protected against any kind of harmful content.


What Industries Need Age Verification?

There are plenty of industries out there that should put age verification on their website. E-gaming is an industry where this practice should be implemented because it opens the gate to betting, and you don’t want underage children betting on sports.

The e-gaming industry is growing fast, and more and more children are taking an interest in it. Some underage kids are also participating in the bets, and you don’t want that happening if you are running a strict e-gaming business. Also, companies that sell tobacco, alcohol, and vapes must also put age verification to ensure underage kids are not buying those products. If they purchase these products from your website, you will not only be harming their health, but you can also land into serious legal trouble.

Similarly, gambling websites should also follow this advice because, just like the e-gaming industry, it also involves the risk of exposing children to betting. Lastly, websites that sell sex products or pornographic material must also put filters on their website to protect children from it.



In the past few years, people have become more vocal about age-restrictions on the website and are demanding websites with sensitive content to put filters for children’s safety. People don’t want their children stumbling on websites that contain explicit and harmful content. The government is also paying more attention to this matter and is gradually introducing new rules so that website owners can put an age-verification system on their websites.



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