Tips for Choosing The Right Cloud Service IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS

In the modern era, companies are unleashing the power of mixing and matching cloud service to solutions that address almost any business requirement. Cloud computing is a service that connects and combines with other services and caters to an endless number of app requirements.

The development of cloud solutions has now become an integral part of the web app development process. Companies or development service providers are also searching for cloud solutions for app development.


Types of Cloud Services

Cloud service is mainly categorized into three main cloud service models:

  • Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud infrastructure has several benefits. Mostly, a user is allocated a virtual server from which each individual virtual machine draws its resources. Users install operating systems based on their preferences so that they can run their applications. Moreover, users control the number of resources that an individual virtual machine can access. This service is usually charged on a pay-per-use basis.

  • Software as a Service

Users can access remotely hosted software (with its database) with cloud clients. It is usually on-demand software for the use of which customers are charged on a per-use basis, although not exclusively. Sometimes users are charged a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

  • Platform as a Service

Cloud providers who give PaaS services usually provide an operative system with a database, a web server, etc. It gives developers an environment that they can use to develop and test their software without worrying about hardware maintenance, manual resource allocation, software installation, and maintenance, etc.


Good Tech Support



All the cloud service models: IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS, make your life easier with good tech support. In case you run into some trouble, you would require a quick resolution for all issues with minimum effort. So, 24X7 support must be available, at least in the form of an email. However, developers would like to contact the support team via phone so that, if in any case, a more complicated problem arises, developers can contact a person who can help them with their problems.



We use cloud services to store data somewhere else, and thus, put the security of that data in the hands of the provider. Due to this reason, data security and data management are the primary concerns of entrepreneurs.

Data security must include:

  • Data backup during hardware/software failure, and
  • Data protection from unauthorized third-party access, i.e., viewing, copying, and modifying the data.


Maintenance & Updates


Software requires maintenance and updates. The web tends to change due to which you require an update that resolves conflicting issues with new software. The software that you received from your cloud service provider should be updated by the provider so that the software is as fresh and compatible as possible.



Another essential factor for all three cloud service models is uptime. You must ensure that your cloud provider has a high uptime guarantee, i.e., 99% as per norm. Issues like no access to essential software, applications, or losing your website to poor hosting can cause serious problems, especially when downtime lasts longer. You must check the reviews of web hosting providers and check the forums of SaaS cloud providers before making any long-term investments. Also, make sure that they are reliable through their current and previous users.


Which Cloud Service Is Appropriate For Your Business?

The type of cloud service model entirely depends on your business goals. Therefore, you need to identify your company’s requirements first. For instance:

  • If an organization requires out-of-the-box software such as collaboration tools and CRM, then SaaS is the best choice.
  • If an organization requires a platform to build software products, then PaaS is appropriate.
  • If an organization requires a virtual machine, then IaaS is suitable.



You can rely on cloud services for the IT needs of your business as you may get top-notch resources, incredible stability, and great control over your finances. If you have a startup business, then you can benefit greatly from the payment method since cloud service providers can expand their resources based on their growth. In this way, you can get a great quality and price ratio. You must pay attention to the reliability of the service provider that you choose in order to witness a high return on your investment after some time.

If you are unable to make the right choice, GrayCell Technologies can help you select the most appropriate solution that will meet your business objectives.


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