Top 9 Digital Transformation Trends For 2021

There was a time when you had to stand in the queue for long hours with a full set of papers, but now almost 70% of the paperwork and queues have been reduced just because of digitization. Digitization is the first priority of every sector and especially after COVID-19, as everyone wants to be ready for the connected world and derive the maximum benefits.

We are continuously expanding the digital boundaries which make our life easier than yesterday. As time passes digital trends also change and if you want to be ready for the ever evolving market conditions, you have to adopt digital trends rapidly before your competitors. We are here to bring out the latest top 10 digital trends 2021 for you.


  • 5G is the New Normal

Digitization requires high-speed connectivity and 5G can provide enough speed and connectivity that can handle the data and other mainstream processes like digital collaboration, enhance the user experience, and can increase the speed of digital transformation. Every telecom and internet-based company is working towards 5G integration and compatibility. 4G allows us to surf the internet, but 5G allows us to adopt VR and AI.


  • Data Analytics

Today, we are collecting more data whether it is structured, unstructured or raw data with huge volume. When we combine this data with business, the outcome will provide an opportunity to understand consumers much better than we could before. Businesses are now using data analytics to understand customer behavior. Data analytics is helping businesses to enhance change and remain competitive in a world that is rapidly adapting to digital trends.


  • Internet of Things(IoT)

Almost every sector is planning to get IOT enabled, which means connecting all of your household things to the internet through Wi-Fi and connected technologies. We already have some live examples of IoT in our house and workplace. You can unlock your car and turn on AC while sitting in your room, you can manage the lights  with your voice commands, and you can track your health on your watch. These things are possible because of the internet connectivity . It can speed up medical care and improve customer service. These are just the initial stages and it can offer benefits that we haven’t even imagined yet.


  • Digital Security

Digital security is the biggest challenge in the road of business digitization. Any security breach can be a crucial drawback for any organization, so they have to focus on digital privacy, and the digital identity of their customers. If you are going digital, then you have to follow zero trust design. Zero trust design ensures the protection of digital data using network segmentation and providing a 7-layer threat prevention. Zero Trust architecture is highly dynamic and you can use it with your existing processes to make them more efficient.


  • Customer Data Platform(CDP)

Customer data platform (CDP) is an integrated customer behavior database that helps your business with data processing, data handling, and transforming execution from offline to online. Basically, CDP collects data from all sources and organizes it, and makes them usable. If you want to expand your organization you have to know the style and behavior of people, their way of thinking, their likes and dislikes etc. And you can do this with CDP.


  • Customer-Centric Vision

Customer demand and expectations are not stable. It keeps changing and fulfilling their expectations is a tough challenge, and it’s also an opportunity for new businesses. To tackle this challenge, many organizations are moving to the CX (customer experience) related technology.


  • AI(Artificial Intelligence)

The first word that comes to your mind when you think about AI is ‘A future technology’. But, are you aware that you are already using AI while asking something on Google or having a conversation with Alexa and even a simple Google search. Artificial Intelligence has gained popularity in personal assistance, speech recognition, and much more, but it is more popular in the healthcare industry and education organizations


  • Digital Payments and Contactless Solutions 

Contactless solutions and digital payments gained immense popularity after COVID-19. Almost every digital payment company has seen tremendous growth in its contact-less solution. Mobile wallets and electronic wallets enable a user to make payment quickly and safely.


  • Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the process of storage, maintenance, security, and analytics of data by exploiting a network of Internet-based servers. In cloud computing, data is stored in a cloud storage platform that helps businesses to be flexible by on-demand access to the data. It also improves the speed of data processing, data productivity and enhances customer digital experience



Digital transformation is essential for every organization and they are adopting it rapidly. In this blog post, we have highlighted the top 10 digital trends for better business growth and stability in the market. These trends require focus, decisions, and technology investments to drive digital transformation. The tools and techniques are changing rapidly, and we will see dynamic changes and wide adoption  in the coming years.



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