10 Best Project Management Tools For Agencies

Anyone who has worked in the digital industry knows what it takes to be a good juggler. You edit new copy for a website while at the same time listening to a strategic conference call with a different client. While doing those two things, you remember that you need to find a designer for that company in Kansas City, and oh yeah, you need to buy milk.

If you have multiple clients and are working with writers, editors, web designers, and accountants, you need an organizational strategy to keep everyone on track. Here are 10 of the best organizational tools for your industry.





Basecamp is one way to keep you and your team organized. They offer direct messaging among team members, storage to keep all pertinent documents, and a scheduling tool that will remind team members of deadlines.

Do you need help with a project? Tag a coworker to come to your rescue. Are you looking for a style sheet for a particular client? It’s on Basecamp.

Regardless of how many users you have, Basecamp charges $99 a month.





Asana allows those working in the SEO industry to make lists, set deadlines and reminders, assign tasks, and communicate all within one platform. It works with Google Drive or Dropbox to share documents back and forth quickly. Team members only see the jobs that are explicitly assigned to them. No more wading through messages regarding cost or design when you are in charge of the writing.

While Asana offers a free version, the advanced features that are available for $6.25 per month (for everyone on your team) are worthwhile. You will want to be able to use the search capabilities that are offered through the advanced version.


Google Sheets



Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. Everyone has a password for Google. There’s no need to download another app or learn how to use another organizational tool. When you use Google Sheets as your project management tool, you won’t be inundated with reminders and messages from all those communication tools that are supposed to simplify your life.

The best part about using Google Sheets is the ability to customize. With some minor adjustments, you can turn a Sheet file into a piece of software. A great example of this is the project management tool built by The Blueprint Training. They automated a lot of tedious processes that agencies face using the power of the Google Suite.





Monday will make everyone on your team happy. It’s for the creative, the accountants, and the salespeople.

With Monday, team members can choose a view that makes the most sense to them. They can learn about a project from a calendar view, chart view, file view, or a timeline view.

The pricing structure is organized by the number of users and the plan you choose. The higher-price options come with more storage, security, and support. To give you a ballpark price, 15 users can get the basic Monday package for $75 a month or the top-level Enterprise package for $358 a month.





Think of Trello as index cards attached to bulletin boards.

Trello is an excellent tool for SEO companies because it can be custom organized. You may want each of your clients to have his or her own “card,” with links to documents and deadlines found on each of those cards.

You may choose for each person in the organizational process to have his or her own card that work can be funneled into when appropriate.

Trello is a free service, but you can buy more complex versions for around $10 a month.





Do you need a quick, efficient way to communicate with your team? Download Slack. Slack enables you to quickly go back and look at the discussions you previously had with team members over your project. It’s kind of like business-related texting.

One benefit of Slack over texting is that it allows you to search through past conversations and integrate with other platforms or services that your company uses. Small groups of under ten can use the service for free. Upgrades are available for more users.





Teamwork is an aptly-named tool for SEO companies because it literally takes a team of people to make business happen. With Teamwork, your business can have an unlimited amount of users, and multiple people can be assigned to one task. Another benefit of Teamwork is that it allows a detailed list to be copied from one client to another client. While this doesn’t sound like it should be a big deal, in the world of project management tools, this doesn’t occur easily.

Five users with two projects can use Teamwork for free. You even can use 100 MB of file space without charge. Upgrades to the plan are available, of course.





Flexibility is at the heart of Jira. Those in the SEO industry can use a template or can create a customizable work chart to show progress on a project.

You can direct information to the right people, create visual data reports to see the progress of the project, and integrate with a plethora of other business platforms.

The creators of Jira allow you to try it for free for seven days. After that, then users can get the basic version for $10 total per month.


Air table



Air table is the artfully designed project management software that describes itself as part spreadsheet and part database. There are built-in templates already created to allow you to get started quickly. If there’s not a template perfect for your situation, you can create a system that works for you.

There is a free version of the Air table. You might want to check it out.





AlthoughTeamGantt is the most oddly named software on the list, it provides clear, clean design. The intuitive design allows you to begin using it without any training, and it does everything. It keeps your documents all in one space, will enable you to communicate with your teammates and helps you with your scheduling.

Three users with one project can use the software for free.

If your SEO business is growing and you are adding additional people to your party, you have to find some system to keep everyone on task. Try one of these options to see what works best for you.




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