How Node.js will Benefit your Online Business

Node.js performance benefits have led to a surge in the success of online businesses. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows executing JavaScript on the server-side. Numerous companies (such as Netflix, Walmart, and LinkedIn) are leveraging node.js in developing their applications and accelerating the growth of their online business.


Benefits of Node.JS

Are you curious to know how node.js web development companies can benefit your online business? There are plenty of advantages of node.js, due to which the developers give preference to node.js rather than any other technology.


Cross-Platform Development

Node.js enables us to build applications for multiple operating systems such as Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X. Unlike other platforms, Node.js does not require developers having command over specific languages. Hence, the Node.js platform is an exception.


High Scalable Solution

Node.js is an ideal lightweight technology tool that can be used for microservices. App logic is broken down into small modules depending upon services. In this way, the app solution is always ready for scalability.


Super-Fast Speed

Business applications built on node.js framework (such as PayPal) are capable of handling parallel connections, and therefore, provide higher performance. Such apps are faster (around 21 times) than the apps built on other frameworks.


Hassle-Free Coding


Node.js framework enables developers to code in JavaScript for the user as well as the server. It helps transmit data between various users and servers easily while simultaneously coordinating with other works. Any change made in the server data will reflect on the web pages quickly and easily.


Uniform Data Streaming

In node.js framework, data streaming can prove to be fruitful for an online business. It enables online stores to rapidly upload the video of their product so that customers can also make a quick decision to buy the same product. In the node.js architecture, the HTTP request and response travel through the same data stream, yet they are two separate events. Therefore, it becomes easier to reduce the processing time of transmission and enhance speed.


Database Queries

Node JS development can easily solve different database queries such as MongoDB, NoSQL database(all these work on the JavaScript framework). There is no need to modulate the syntax difference while joining NoSQL and Node.js databases.


Dynamic Node Package Manager

The open-source platform (Node.js) provides an edge by offering a shared repository of dynamic tools and modules. The number of modules in the Node Package Manager (NPM) has maximized (around 60K) with exponential advancement. It can be said that node.js will surpass the popularity of the ROR platform in the near future.


Proxy Server & Security

Node.js development facilitates a proxy server so that it becomes easy to collect data from multiple channels like business websites and apps. This framework is trusted among the entrepreneurs, owing to its high-end customization and bespoke security standards.


Real-Time Web App

Node.js is mostly suitable for any real-time web project because it performs well under heavy load. This framework works wonders for plenty of applications (like chatbots, cloud-based personal assistants, and instant communication apps) that require real-time communication.


Highly Productive

Node.js has always maximized the efficacy of the latest web app development procedures at various enterprises. By strategizing to combine both front-end and back-end developers together and work as a single unit, this framework ensures a smooth workflow.



Node.js application does not require front-end and back-end developers separately. The node.js developer can handle both front-end and back-end development, making this platform cost-effective. Also, node.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that is available to everyone free of cost.


Optimum Plugins

You can access plenty of ready-made extensions for free while using node.js for your online business development. To download these extensions easily, you can use websites like GitHub. These plugins will support your online business development process without spending extra money on any tool.


Easy Communication and Management

Entrepreneurs give preference to node.js applications to provide satisfactory customer service and retain their customers. Node.js developer can handle both client-side and server-side programming. That’s why it becomes easy to interact with clients without any problem.


Open-Source Benefit

Since node.js is an open-source platform, it can be accessed by everyone including professionals and well-experienced developers. This helps developers in code rectification and add more functionality in the online stores.


Community Support


Websites like GitHub, Stack Workflow, etc. provide constant support for node.js programming. The community of node.js is large and supportive, and hence, provides advanced solutions to the users. This community completely supports online business development using node.js.



As more and more web development projects demand node.js developers, hosting is also gaining momentum. PaaS (Platform as a Service) service providers like Modulus allow deploying node.js with authorization.



Limitations of Node.js

You may start the development of your online store seeing all the benefits of node.js. But, it is wise to know the disadvantages as well. Despite having numerous advantages’ node.js has certain limitations. Firstly, this framework is inconsistent. The node.js API changes frequently due to which programmers have to change the existing code base to make it compatible with the latest version of node.js API. Secondly, the node.js platform is not suitable for heavy-computing apps. Node.js is suitable for complex apps, but heavy computing software blocks incoming requests that lead to a decrease in performance. Thirdly, the core node.js has many poor quality packages in the NPM registry. Numerous tools lack supervision due to the open-source ecosystem. So, these tools might also lack the quality and fail at meeting coding standards.



Final Words

Node.js has already created a positive impact on various existing online businesses like PayPal, IBM, etc. For a successful online business, this framework seems to be more advantageous than any other technology. Knowing all the pros and cons of node.js, entrepreneurs can easily decide whether to incorporate this technology with their online business or not. But, experts suggest that you must build your web application using node.js once to take your online business to a new height.





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