How to Stay Cost Effective While Outsourcing The Team?

Today, outsourcing of IT teams does not only allow you to manage business functions but also helps you to reduce the cost of the project by 25%-35%. It is also viewed as a growth strategy that can power your organization’s digitization process. Many small to large sized organizations have experienced savings in their costs by outsourcing their team.

Companies in developed countries prefer outsourcing their business processes to developing countries. It is because the business process in developed countries requires lots of budget, while the same process can be done in developing countries for half of the budget with the same service and quality. Before going further we first need to know what outsourcing means.


What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a process in which organisations or companies hand over their process and job function to third parties. The outside company, which is known as a third-party service provider, arranges its own teams and computer systems to perform the functions.


Is Outsourcing for You?

Cutting down costs is the aim of any competitive business, and outsourcing has become an easy and cost-effective technique that is used widely in today’s digitized world. Companies can find remote developers or teams working in other countries and get their projects completed. Here are some points which will help you to analyze whether you need to outsource the team or not.

  • When your budget is not up to the mark
  • Losing sales because of inefficient processes
  • Spending too much on training of employee
  • When cost-cutting is the only option in your mind
  • The availability of required developers in your area is not up to the mark
  • Facing problems while handling business process because of a small team


What’s Gained When You Outsource The Team

Outsourcing the new team is the new normal. If your team has too many tasks to do, you can think of outsourcing. Outsourcing is a proven method for reducing the cost of a project. However, as the global market moves forward and becomes more competitive, outsourcing is becoming more popular than before.

There are some advantages of outsourcing

  • Complete control on the project
  • Choosing the team you like
  • Cost-effective team
  • The flexibility to quickly make modifications


How to Outsource Effectively

  • Choose Your Partner Carefully


There is no substitute for understanding your business , so rather than following business relationships, treat outsourcing like a partnership. When choosing a person or company for outsourcing be careful as you would choose a new business partner.

Whether looking for a web developer or an entire outsource team, research your options carefully. Don’t stick with the first option you find and try to research for more options. This breakdown process takes time but can surely reduce your cost because one wrong person or company can cost you a high budget with low quality.

  • Set Clear Expectations

In outsourcing, communication is the vital element for cost-saving. Let your offshore partner know exactly what you require of them. Try to communicate with them regularly. They can’t read your mind, so it’s better to make a clear document of the job with a set of your desired rules and protocols. Don’t leave any variable behind because this is where things can start to go wrong and you can end up with lots of extra budget and miscommunication.

  • Understand All Legal Requirements

Before finalizing the contract, check and understand all the legal requirements carefully. Business owners have various concerns about outsourcing and the major one is the security of customers. You may choose to be the only one handling customers’ data, keeping an eye on the production itself, or set strict rules for the outsourcing team. Whichever route you choose, remember that, as the owner, you are ultimately responsible for any mishap.

  • Provide a Clear Process to Follow

Plan out your job process calendar and then get clear on which tasks need more attention and set a weekly checking report as well. Every job needs to follow the pattern for better performance. It takes time to set up procedures and processes for outsourcing, once you’ve established them your outsourcing can flow easily. If you haven’t worked out your job process calendar yet, then it can cost you extra money.

  • Establish a Clear Review Process


To avoid any mishap, establish a clear review process so that you can review their work before going to live.  You can review in many ways like a review after every task, quarterly, monthly, and even after the complete project. You can also review the job performance, work quality, and time management. Choose according to the requirement of your project because the review process also impacts the budget indirectly.


Whatever your reason for seeking to outsource the project, finding the right and trustworthy outsourcing partner is important for the success of this endevaour. It’s critical to find a team with the right skills, reputation, and experience. Over the years, we’ve seen many companies struggle to outsource the team successfully. At GrayCell Technologies, we can help you gain a competitive edge while reducing your costs! We have even helped thousands of happy clients in doing the same.


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