Top 4 Strategies to Optimize Your Website for Organic Traffic

Getting to the top of the search engine results page is every web owner’s dream. To make this dream a reality, you have to put a lot of effort into it.

These efforts are only worthwhile if you develop effective strategies for your marketing via digital platforms.

If you have a huge investment in marketing, then you can go for paid advertising to reach the audience, but still, you have no chance to get the high-quality customers who would fully engage with your purpose of the website.

For example, if you have an online e-commerce store and run paid advertising, your investment would not bring 100% of the customers who buy your products.

Instead, it would include customers who are currently visiting your site and immediately skip it.

However, if you are willing to get the customers that could be associated with the website, then search engine optimization can help you.

Let’s have an introduction to SEO for your business to increase organic traffic.


Search engine optimization and it works

Search engine optimization is the term that is used to design your website according to the algorithms of the search engine.

Although SEO is only an optimization method, it can, if done right, bring huge traffic to your site. SEO contains the various modification factors that are applied to your site to increase its visibility and ease of use.

If your site is optimized according to the search engine’s core algorithm, Rank Brain, it would boost your site in the top results over a search query.

Search Engine Optimization serves to make your website compatible with the vision of the search engine. Thus, the search engine optimizes your website in various aspects.

As the search engine helps to increase the readability of your website by the on-page SEO factors, it increases the speed through technical SEO.

Similarly, off-page SEO would be helpful to improve your site’s relationships with other sites and to increase the reference for your site.

The following are some of the factors you need to take into account when performing the SEO of your website:


1. Research

When launching your website’s SEO, you should always look at your previous performance. By integrating the Google Analytics and Search Console into your website, you can easily measure your performance.

Research is very important if your vision includes long-term SEO campaigns. Research would help you improve your practices and create more goals, depending on the needs of your site.

There are various types of research you need for your SEO and some of them are discussed below:

  • Audience

Start your SEO by exploring your audience would help you configure the strategies according to the audience.

When you create SEO strategies according to your target audience, the search engine would display your site whenever it found relevance in the user’s search query and between your site.

If you don’t tailor the strategies to your audience and focus on the needs of the audience, then you’re wasting your time.

Because a single relevant customer is much more beneficial to your brand than hundreds of irrelevant customers.

  • Keywords

Keyword research is another important factor in SEO that needs to be fully focused, as the keyword would help you maintain the organic traffic relevant to your niche.

The selection of keywords has various criteria that must be met, and some of the key ones are discussed below:

  1. The keyword should be relevant to your website and brand
  2. The keyword should have a high volume to get more customers
  3. The keywords you select should have less difficulty placing faster
  4. Keywords should have a high CPC to increase the value of your website as well as advertising revenue
  5. The keywords can belong to reduce the difficulty
  • Market Research

If you have not yet started the business, but are planning to, then start with market research. Because market research would help you to know which market is suitable for you.

You should consider knowing the market leaders and the way they lead. This would help you to easily rank higher than the market leaders.

If you think that the market already has giants, then you should not consider placing higher.

However, if you have already started the business, you should still have research on the nature of the market.

This research would include other values, such as the standard on the market. You cannot win the competition until you know the competition rules, the standard, and the competitors.


2. Optimize your website with on-page SEO

The most important and basic SEO for your site is on-page, which applies to your site. These factors would help your site become user-friendly and search engine friendly.

Among the on-page SEO factors are:

  • Meta Title & Description

When you search a search on Google, you may see the result in a format that includes a title and a small description of the site, website, or post.

However, this is the meta title or description that needs to be adapted on your website because it helps the search engine to know the concept of your web post, your page, or the entire website.

This would also help the user to know the introduction to the website quickly and to know if it would help to ask the user’s query.

  • Mobile-friendliness

In 2015, Google considered mobile-friendly features to be mandatory for any website to reach a higher rank and offer maximum experience.

Mobile phone friendliness is very important, as most users prefer to use their mobile when looking for something.

This would help improve the user experience and the search engine will have a positive impact on your site.

  • Image Alt Text

The visualization helps to increase the engagement of the audience, especially the new audience. On the other hand, the images help to increase the authenticity of the content you have written.

The image alt-text should be added, because it would help you to gain more popularity on the search engine since the crawlers get the concept of the image used.


3. Content Planning

Whether you run a blog or an e-commerce business, the content should be unique and appropriate to the audience and the market.

If your content is not effective, fewer people believe and can be persuaded to buy your product. To do so, the session rate would decrease while the bounce rate would increase, which is a bad factor for search engines.

The search engine always focuses on the content and this is the truth that all SEO factors are applied to the content, whether it is on-page SEO or off-page SEO.

Here are the factors for content planning of your website to take a higher rank:

  • Unique Content

The uniqueness of the content is very important because stealing content or even ideas for your site through search engines like Google is completely illegal.

If you steal, then you are stealing someone’s assets and efforts that are hated by the search engine.

Regardless of whether you are authoring the original content, you should always check plagiarism online through a plagiarism checker, which is readily available online for free.

This tool would help you compare your content with those that have already been published on the Internet. If your contents match in any way, it would say the ratio of unique and copied words.

  • Relevant

Everyone wants to attract dedicated customers and in return, the content should suit the audience, which would increase users “interest in your content.

If they are interested, they would opt for your services, which means that you will increase your sales and leads.


4. Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is another important factor for better optimizing your content. The off-page SEO would help build better relationships and references for your site with other websites over the Internet.

Also, the on-page SEO contains various factors, as described below:

  •  Backlinks

The backlinks are the links that are placed on other websites, but that refers to traffic and crawler to your website.

The backlinks are an efficient way to place higher in the search engine as well as to get traffic from other websites.

Remember that it is better to get the backlink to the anchor text, which is also your keyword.

Backlink also increases your authority of the site, while it should be placed on a high-ranking site. The backlink is a white hat SEO until you get it naturally.

If you choose to get the backlink by paying, it would make a difference to you.

  • Social Media Marketing

We all know the importance of social media marketing and the importance it in our lives. Similarly, social media helps to bring organic traffic to your website.

Social media is the best way to increase brand awareness for your website and your business. You should find the best social media platform that is suitable for your website and start gathering the audience and increasing your revenue.



SEO is the best way to increase traffic to your website. Paid advertising and the way to reach the audience is not much more efficient compared to organic.

Organic traffic would bring more engagement and ROI to your site, as only the customer would come to your site with relevance.


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