Why Chandigarh?

Why Chandigarh

There is one question that invariably crops up at almost every client meeting. Why Chandigarh? Here’s why.

A recent survey commissioned by Confederation of Indian Industry puts Chandigarh as the third best business city after Delhi and Mumbai. In the survey, Chandigarh beat Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Chandigarh scores on communication, private finance, road transport, professional education, hotel infrastructure and growth of city economy. Chandigarh is also not a city in a hurry which means better quality of life. With the increased availability of better facilities and lifestyle, many high-end professionals have made Chandigarh their base giving businesses the ability to hire and retain talent of a very high order.

Partnering with businesses in Chandigarh means you get to work with fine talent. It is a growing city, which naturally means it is extremely cost-effective doing business here in comparison to getting your projects done in Delhi or Mumbai. Chandigarh is also not a rushed city which means it will dedicate its time to you as against any of the other cities that are eternally busy. This is a city that will keep its date with you. And should you feel like making a trip to Jantar Matar in Delhi, it is only under one flying hour away.

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